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As virtually everyone Knows, statistics Currently have it that there are more than 3000 cryptocurrencies available in the crypto market and the number is increasing with each passing day. These mass adoption is attributed to the success of the first cryptocurrency which is bitcoin, and the ability of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to offer a decentralized financial system.

An average crypto users do have more than 5 different cryptocurrencies in his/her portfolio and in much cases, these different coins are not usually on the same blockchain which means that they can’t be store on the same wallet or exchange. Most cryptocurrencies do create a wallet specially designed to save only their native coins and most others don’t usually have the required resources to create one but rather depends on third party cryptocurrency wallet to support their coin.

Crypto User are always faced with complexity of managing their crypto assets and holdlings between different wallet and exchanges, aside the complexities involved in the management of these assets, security is also a major setback as most of the available wallet and exchanges are web based which makes them susceptible to hack and phish. A quite some number of crypto users have had their bitter experience of hack and phish.

A Multi-Currency Alternative By Atomic Wallet.

ATOMIC WALLET is a cryptocurrency wallet and a Exchange with unique features and enhancements that make it better than any other typical cryptocurrency wallet/exchange. the atomic wallet gives absolute control to its users over their desired cryptocurrency assets. The wallet is being created to solve the underlying challenges faced by various crypto users when using the available wallets and exchanges mentioned above.

The wallet provides many functionalities for users to manage more than 300 different coins/token, the ability to use secure atomic swap technology to swap different currencies. The opportunity to buy cryptos with your bank card and a gateway to use instant exchanges such as changelly and shapeshift to exchange currencies not available yet in the Atomic swap technology.

One of the atomic wallet main focus points is to bring about decentralization, transparency and security into the crypto world and to bring about the mainstream adoption of the blockchain technology at large.

Atomic Wallet supports 300+ crypto assets as of now and virtually thousands of ERC20 tokens because there are more than 500 tradable ERC20 tokens.

Here is a sneak peek into some of the assets that Atomic Wallet supports:

Atomic wallet Supported Currencies

To check the full list of supported coins, visit their asset page.

Atomic Wallet Supports The Following Asset Managements.

  • Accept cryptocurrency assets in any generated wallet.
  • Store secret keys in a secure encrypted environment.
  • Choose a mode for cryptocurrency use.
  • Can import assets into the wallet using secret keys ( known as a private key ).
  • Transfer of crypto assets to different wallet addresses.

Other Incredible Features Of Atomic Wallet Includes

1. The first cryptocurrency wallet to support atomic swap technology to carry out a cross-chain exchange of cryptocurrencies.

2. An easy and secure way for users to buy cryptos with bank card.

3. Ability to use instant exchanges such as shapeshift and changelly to swiftly perform easy conversation of cryptocurrencies.

4. A highly secure wallet created with strong encryption and custody free solutions

5. Created with a good user interface to help users manage their assets easily.


I was amazed when i found Atomic wallet. The wallet provide a Simple and easy to use interface, the wallet is been created with the most user friendly interface to enable users manage their assets easily. The wallet provide me with the opportunity to manage all my crypto assets easily curbing away the complexity that comes with having funds in many single wallet and exchanges. I recommend atomic wallet for anyone who need to store and exchange many crypto assets easily.


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