Atrial Classic Vision – 11.01.2019 Hard fork atherium EthereumDEX

Hi Steamet. Today we will discuss a well-known project among people crypt-enthusiasts named Ethereum.

The establishment of Cryptocurrency has been 10 years old. It is constantly evolving and wants to win the world with its innovations. But the technologies are constantly evolving and there is a need to do well to keep well-known projects to meet the needs of the users and keep pace with the competitors.

And today we will talk about ethereum. One of the most popular coins on the market. The date of its construction in 2013. Earlier coins were issued in 2015. This project was founded by Vitalik Butyrein. Ethereum now has 2 main functions. Daily transactions And offers its blockchain for new projects. We all know that Ethereum is considered to be the king of ICO projects.

However, this coin has many competitors today, and there are some disadvantages too. Ethereum announced a new hard fork. This is called ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION.

Recently, Ethereum (ETH) prevents its price. Many believe that thanks to the hard fork (ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION) This has a positive effect on the growth of this coin.

Hard fork


As I read from the ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION documentation, this project will be directed towards full decentralization. Documentation notes that Ethereum is becoming increasingly centralized. What Replaces New Users ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION – The objective of solving the problems of miners is also to solve. Whatever they do not stop their farm and continue to earn. ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION – Extraction of cryptocarcation should be given a new incentive on difficult markets.

VisionDEX – A decentralized exchange

ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION also wants to support full decentralization and will make its full decentralized exchange for P2P transactions. On this platform, you can sell any BTC, XLM and all other types of coins

DAPP platform

In addition, the main focus of ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION is to create a mobile app based on the ETHEREUM blockchain. Everyone knows that ETHEREUM will remain behind in this regard. However, the new hard fork will help in solving these problems. You can read more about this here.

Transactions per second

Transaction rate should be high. However, we all understand that technology over time has been systematically. This update will allow for a lot of transaction rates. According to ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION, with 25,000+ transactions per second. Compared to Classic ETHEREUM in 25

Share of evidence

A more efficient, safe and profitable mining protocol.



In general, it is now a very important event for cryptocurrency. Many hunters and investors are waiting for this moment. Many people say that this is the moment after which the entire market will grow. ETHEREUM CLASSIC VISION will help to return ETH’s pre-price.


Aetherium Classic Team

The Etherem Classic team deliberately holds lower profiles. The lack of high profile leader is in line with their main philosophy of ETC, which is free from decentralized and powerful human influences.

However, most of the people of this team have 10 years of experience in software engineering and “understand how to build a system that works for years”.

His “main focus is on Ethereum Classic to create a stable and usable technology. Oppose to move fast and break things up. ”

You can see some of the key engineers below:

Future Projects & Roadmaps

The development team continues to work on Emerald Desktop Wallet, the first ETC trustworthy wallet. The mobile version of ETC Wallet is also expected to be released in 2018.

As the popularity of Atheriyam Classic increases, the side chain will be needed to help in scalability. The prototype should work later in 2018. You can see their full road map of 2018 below.

For more information, follow the Bounty Aetherium Classic Vision:








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