ATRONOCOM is currently leading a crowded SAFT investor to support the platform launch and accelerate the development of decentralized application ecosystems.

Atronocom – Created for you and your electronic money lifestyle

Atronocom was created as a new step to promote the field of blockchain to complete the decentralization, so even smartphones in your pocket are also active for the future. The world of electronic money and its related requirements are becoming more and more complex. Especially in the field of developing valuable long-term electronic money projects, secure and anonymous communications, payment methods and their applications, many developments are still needed to perform only the prizes. imperfect method. market demand.

Atronocom’s team is working hard and can develop and maintain projects for various large companies, and build upon ATRONOCOM Ltd.’s rich experience.

Atronocom’s vision:

ATRONOCOM is positioned to be a secure platform in one of the most dynamic markets in the world.

ATRONOCON wants to make life easier for investors and participants with simple but very complex technologies and products.

ATRONOCOM will bring a realistic experience and provide transparency and transparent information exchange between interested parties.

ATRONOCOM hopes that the results of recent studies will be available to customers and partners with reasonable price performance ratios and safety concerns.

Smart phones have become an inevitable need by all, because the intensity of use and diversity will increase with the development of the device. Fans of the original cryptographic movement are now nearly 60 years old. Therefore, the age of the products we have developed and related products is an important factor in the judgments and decisions of Atronocom.

Atronocom has decided to follow the “simple future token agreement” of SAFT Crowd Sales to raise funds to make progress faster and more because of the interest of our users and supporters.

For the “bidding process”, Atronocom chose the POS / DPoS combination method and will be able to reach many employees and networks where they work with tokens and can therefore participate in the project. According to Atronocom, the mechanism to encourage selling points is an appropriate form of participation of participants and their networks.

Token information

Name: Atronok

Token symbol: ATRO

Platform: Separate blockchain

Type: Own

Price in ICO: 0.6000 USD

Atronok team

Thomas Koller – CEO 
Through his role as CEO, as well as planning his analysis and concepts, Thomas and his team embarked on a long-term project.

-COO physical manual 
As “CEO”, Manuel participates in daily activities and supervises each workgroup for ease of use.

Maximilian Kozdro CC -CCO 
The head of communications and motivation of one of the largest cryptographic networks in Europe

Nicholas Schmid, software developer 
Mark Schildknecht – TECHNOLOGY COVER 
Since 2015, Mark has been leading in mining projects in Switzerland and abroad.

For decades, Tino has worked with thought leaders and our community leaders as motivators and trainers.

Peter Wong – CONSUMER 
Member of the board of Apex Capital Ventures HK LTD.

Former HSBC employee and staff of HSBC’s Compliance and Law Department. 
Alexander Sabeti – CONSUMER 
Alexander is a senior member of Apex Capital Ventures Ltd. and has worked in finance since 1993.

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