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Atronocom was created as a new step that aims to push the blockchain industry towards full decentralization, so that even smartphones in your pocket function for the future. The world of cryptocurrency and related requirements is becoming increasingly complex and difficult. Especially in the field of developing long-term, valuable crypto currencies and related projects, as well as safe and anonymous communication, payment methodologies and their applications, there are still many developments needed to be able to fulfill only the real imperfect ones. demand on the market.

The Atronocom team works hard and has been able to develop and accompany projects for various large companies, while gaining a wealth of experience used at ATRONOCOM Ltd.

Vision of Atronocom

ATRONOCOM has positioned itself as a safe platform in one of the fastest growing markets in the world. 
ATRONOCON wants to make life easier for investors and participants with simple but highly sophisticated technology and products. 
ATRONOCOM will provide practical experience and transparently guarantee and carry out information exchange between the parties involved. 
ATRONOCOM wants to make the development of research in recent years available to customers and partners with a reasonable price performance ratio and safety-conscious.

Smartphones have become a necessity that cannot be avoided for everyone, because the intensity of use and diversity will continue to grow along with the development of the device. Fans from the first hour of the crypto movement are now approaching the age of 60. Thus, the age of the products developed by us and those related to them is an important factor in Atronocom’s judgment and decisions. 

Atronocom decided to take the path of SAFT Crowd Sales (Simple Future Token Agreement) to raise funds to move faster and bigger for the benefit of our users and supporters.

For “betting process” Atronocom has decided on the POS / DPoS consensus methodology and will be able to join many employees and the network where they work with tokens and in this way will be able to participate in the project. In Atronocom’s opinion, the incentive mechanism for POS is a form of appropriate participation for participants and their networks.

Token Info

Name: Atronocom
Token symbol: ATRO
Platform: Blockchain is separate
Type: Alone
Price in ICO: 0.6000 USD Atronocom


Thomas Koller -CEO 
With the Chief Executive Officer position, as well as analytical and conceptual planning, Thomas and his team have now brought to a project that has been prepared for a long period of time. 

Fizimayer Manual-COO 
In the position of “Chief Operational Officer”, Manuel handles daily business and oversees each work group to ensure user friendliness. 

Maximilian Kozdro CC -CCO 
As the communications manager and driving force behind one of the largest crypto networks in Europe 

Nicolas Schmid, an expert for 
Marc Schildknecht software development-LEAD TECHNOLOGY 
Since 2015, Marc has held a leading position in mining projects in Switzerland and abroad 

For decades, Tino has worked with makers our community’s opinions and leaders as motivators and trainers. 

Peter Wong -CONSELOR 
Management Board Member Apex Capital Ventures HK LTD. 

Former HSBC banker and member of the HSBC Singapore Law and Compliance Department.                              

Alexander Sabeti -KONSELOR
Alexander is a senior member of Apex Capital Ventures Ltd. and has worked in the financial sector since 1993. 

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