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ATRONOCOM was made as another progression went for urging the blockchain business to finish decentralization, so that cell phones in your pocket work for what’s to come. The universe of digital money and related necessities is winding up progressively intricate. Particularly in the field of growing long haul significant digital money and related undertakings, just as sheltered and unknown correspondence, installment techniques and their applications, there are as yet numerous advancements expected to execute the genuine one.

ATRONOCOM positions itself as a protected stage in one of the quickest developing markets on the planet. ATRONOCOM needs to make life simpler for financial specialists and members with straightforward yet extremely complex innovation and items. ATRONOCOM will give pragmatic experience and give straightforward assurances and data trade between related gatherings. ATRONOCOM needs the most recent research results to be accessible to clients and accomplices with sensible value quality proportions and security issues.

Cell phones have turned into a need that can’t be evaded by everybody, in light of the fact that the force of utilization and decent variety will develop alongside the advancement of the gadget. Fans from the primary hour of the crypto development are currently moving toward the age of 60 years. In this manner, the age of the items we create and related items is a significant factor in Atronocom’s judgment and choices. Atronocom chose to pursue the SAFT Crowd Sales (Simple Future Token Agreement) way to raise assets to move quicker and more to assist our clients and supporters. For the “offering process”, Atronocom has picked the POS/DPoS coordinating approach and will most likely join numerous representatives and the system where they work with tokens, and along these lines can take part in the venture. As indicated by Atronocom, the POS motivating force instrument is a type of appropriate interest of members and their systems.

In the following stage, after culmination effective acquisitions, the organization will be enrolled as a holding organization at Emirates with the fundamental permit and auxiliary will be opened at

Liechtenstein and Malta to secure advancement and better structure. This procedure is in readiness and will be finished not long after half of the accessible ATRONOCOM tokens are set at market. These means are expected to decide advertise intrigue and to take right choice in regards to extension and speed of undertaking advancement. Undertakings will be propelled freely and not associated with advancement of the group deals period of the ATRONOCOM token. However,increasing deals can quicken time of undertaking sending.


Decentralized application

Approach ANDROID

Approach iOS


Trade OTC



A light hub or SPV Node that downloads the blocking header confirms validness of the exchange. They utilize total hubs as mediators. The Light Node customer is bolstered by full hubs for some, activities, beginning from request the most recent header until the record balance from the record achieves presentation of real wagers. This spares battery and extra room.

Notwithstanding, this is a finished gambling process that is esteemed with motivation.

For the primary discharge, we interface the cell phone by associating the wallet to hand-off hub that has full API usefulness and fills in as a backend for highlight rich customer. Financial specialists can put their coins in the Mobile Wallet and pick delegates dependent on the heaviness of their votes. Representatives can make new squares on the system and they will be acknowledged for that administration then it will be shared again with the Light Node Client relatively. This procedure will keep on being extended until the full affirmation process completed by means of cell phone.

Token Sales

Token Total: 440’000’000

The board: 15% (66M)

25m= 15 Euro

50M= 30 Euro

50M= 40 Euro

50M= 50 Euro

50M= 65 Euro

Rest: 149M for Staking-motivation

Staking Token motivation: 20 – 30% every year

Token will be given to Investor in the wake of shutting of SAFT (Simple Agreement of Future Token) Therewith the staking procedure is authoritatively infused.


2018 JAN-MAR

Undertaking readiness and definition.

April – June 2018

Specialized arranging and group building and beginning programming of apparatuses and libraries for cell and banking renditions

July – September 2018

Test the principal part and actualize the security idea.

October – December 2018

Culmination of parts for banking, bank cards, and Messenger and Smartphone Monitoring. The beta variant of all parts was finished effectively. The enhancement procedure is infused

January – March 2019

Programming interface and association structure also online beta.

April – June 2019

Actuation of DApp and system light hubs, hand-off hubs and ace hubs.

July 2019

Stage development and showcasing exercises and arranging and support in worldwide occasions.

Token Information:

Name: Atronocom

Token image: ATROM

Stage: Blockchain

Type: Own

Cost in ICO: 0.6000 USD


Альтернативный текст для этого изображения не предоставлен

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