ATRONOCOM [ Let’ Build Together The Sake Of Development Advancement Of Cryptocurrency World ]


Dear reader,see again with me and my recent article. The world of cryptocurrrency is very developed and very rapidly at this moment. So a lot of a new of project crypto also come in the world of cryptocurrency. And the name of are Atronocom Project

Since Cryptocurrency came to the excistence in 2009 until today. Since it has been very volatile in nature. Have a lot of people who have started yo know and understand a bout the invested need. Cryptocurrency is Decentralized ,Anonymous and Electonicaly’ the world crypto lovers very happy to be know’s and assume that’s a right way to investment in the future. And even they called as money in future.


ATRONOCOM is a cryptocurrency project as application providers service . ATRONOCOM itself aims to a platform establish of funds obtained through of the tokens sale using SAFT Crowdsale system,this is the Agreement (Simple Token of The Future) in the absence of the ICO.

ATRONOCOM is a limited liability company located in Free Zone Dubai “DMCC”,in collaboration with the Arab. And in Collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Global Market, the implementation and use of components online in a structured. And through ATRONOCOM project we together this Platform build for the development advancement in the world of cryptocurrency. With a Using  ATRONOCOM DApp, this project do the process of selling buy with the structure Algoritma DPoS, in this users are free to do selling or buy process through the smartphone and free to do the Banking, handling of credite card, Trade Exchange. All of this is used working by ATRONOCOM project system. The Put interest of user globally is a goal is expected to by ATRONOCOM. Because ATRONOCOM in the process of sales Token did ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ), so it would be more effective in the process of the sale or the process of funds collecting to Platform develop to future. Services quickly provides, practical, transparent as well as when transactions guarantee and also use the ratio conscious-security the performance of  price, ATRONOCOM is safe Platform and Platform are highly evolved in the world  at this time. Therefore ATRONOCOM will always be a service provide against for all user or the investors has to come to invested in Atronocom project. Through the crowdsale the ongoing today, ATRONOCOM support of the platform Launch  and accelerate the development of the app, where you should always be vigilant and don’t believe all forms of the way through emails or messages call in the name of  ATRONOCOM project. Because ATRONOCOM Project did ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) and ATRONOCOM also do not have a token until the Token tissue Lauch. So,to user to be more expected and becareful invest is Atronocom Project in te calling name.


The was height faced of  by currently cryptocurrency , ATRONOCOM came wiyh a new solution provide in your  problems solving  that there are at this moment, namely with the offered features and make it easy, a sense of security for all users.



With ATRONOCOM Platform will deliver results and income extra for the users with the programe/event is by held ATRONOCOM project through SAFT Crowsale or with a bounty programe is still ongoing.


With the ATRONOCOM platform, the investors would be very benefitted through invest/investation capital done. All of it is not in spite of the provided advantage and as an option for Investor that Here are a choice option and investment and the of pertoken cost for acredited investor.

25 million = 15 cents Euro

50 million = 30 cents Euro

50 million = 40 cents euro

50 million = 50 cents euro

50 million = 65 cents euro

-The Token sale In The whole World

By means of sistim SAFT system( Simple Agreement Token of Future ) is expected to be very succeeded in the Crowdsale event. Because the purpose of SAFT is for the cost of which includes Engineer, Development Marketing, sales,Lawyer Developer , Development Center, Law, etc., for the sake to created Platform this launching quickly.

-The system Operation Masternode.

For all students who have participated in the Crowdsale event, automatically is definitely will be registered in ATRONOCOM platform, so from the ATRONOCOM will giving freedom you as a users to can choose, to cooperate further or choose not to cooperate continue ATRONOCOM.


-Staking Aplikasi to Android and iOS.

Get the ATRONOCOM DApp, and could use a your smartphone become increasingly important in the future through the app offered. It’s all due to the increase in for the user using a smartphone. Along with ATRONOCOM DApp you can dreams increated during front of you.

-Debit Bank Card

Because the Bank Card Can be used at nearly 40 million contact points around the world,Then the Bank Card is only available /can be obtained through the application ATRONOCOM by who registered members. And also get the benefits of / the advantages more of you ,when use this app to meet all your trading activity.


ATRONOCOM Dapp can receive and send money via SWIFT / SEPA use an escrow service without a third party. And can receive payments from Multi-currency card,so users will be more free to do trading activities. So use ATRONOCOM Dapp,for your Banking activity


With app offered standards, then it is possible that ATRONOCOM DApp is the main choice at this time. Through the your smartphone get this app, to all trading activities or as a means of your communication.

-Messenger High Security

The app is how to safely at a time when you communicate with another user, because the app used a standards high security , so that will be given a security security to every users.



Token : ATRO

Type : Utility

Price : 1 ATRO = 0.6 USD

MVP/Prototype : Available

Platform : Separate blockchain

Country : United Arab Emirates

Whitelist/KYC : KYC

Total: 440´000´000
Management: 15% (66M)
25m= 15 Euro cent
50M= 30 Euro cent
50M= 40 Euro cent
50M= 50 Euro cent
50M= 65 Euro cent
Rest: 149M for Staking-incentive
Token incentive: 20 -30% per year
Token will be given t Investor after closing of
SAFT (Simple Agreement of Future Token)
There with the staking process is officially injected.

Level 1 : 10%
Level 2 : 3%
Level 3 : 5%
Level 4 : 2%
Level 5 : 1%

Use Of Capitals
50% : Marketing and Sale Product
30% : Product and Development
10% : Legal & Corporate Structuring
10% : Contongencies


•2018 JAN-MAR
-Project definition and

•2018 JUL-SEP
-Test of the first components
and implementation of the
security concept

•2019 JAN-MAR
API and interaction structure as well as going online beta version

•2018 OKT-DEZ
-Completion of the components for banking, bank
cards and
-Messenger as well as Smartphone Staking.
-Beta version of all components successfully
-Optimization process injected

•2018 APR-JUN
Technical planning and team
formation as well as start of
programming of tools and
libraries for mobile versions
and banking

•2019 APR-JUN
-Activation of the DApp and Network light nodes, relay
nodes and master nodes


-Thomas Koller,CEO

-Manuel Fizinayer,CEO

-Maximillian Xosdron,CEO


-Marc Schildknecht,TECHNOLOGY LEAD




-Alexander Xabeti,COUNSELOR


Alright I say THANKS For Your Attention And I Hope You Like To Reading My This Article.



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