The innovation of tech- oriented projects has begotten the project called ATRONOCOM

  • ATRONOCOM, whose inventors aim to relinquish an incipient multi-function cryptocurrency, as well as its corresponding framework with numerous intriguing features.

The need for the crypto currency called ATRONOCOM was begotten for specific reasons namely:

The challenges associated with recent crypto currencies

The fact is that the crypto currency, as is evident from its denomination, and as conceived by the innovator of the world’s first digital currency, Satoshi Nakamoto, should be an expedient of payment. The expedient by which you can pay for goods and business services anywhere in the world online.

However, what do we optically discern now? Crypto currencies are only a notionally theoretical implement, the main essence of which is trading on the stock exchange with the aim of incrementing profits. Of course, more and more companies are commencing to accept Bitcoin for payment, but its speed and the size of transaction fees still do not sanction to call it a super convenient denotes of payment and do not sanction accepting it for payment everywhere.

For these purposes, a crypto currency is needed, which can provide a high rate of transactions, with a modicum of commissions.

atronocom vision.PNGPresenting ASTRONOCOM as the lasting solution

Affirmative, the engenderers of the crypto currency ATRONOCOM were guided precisely by this goal when drawing up their orchestration – to develop an absolutely incipient crypto currency that would meet the modern requisites and realities of the market, where the authoritative ordinance for crypto currency is simply increasing.

The main distinction between ATRONOCOM Token and many modern currencies is the mining algorithm, a consensus, which is utilized to process transactions. The substructure of the coin from ATRONOCOM is not Proof Of Work, whose haste is very, very slow, and not even Proof Of Stake, which greatly centralizes the network, not sanctioning owners of a modicum of currency to participate in mining. ATRONOCOM utilizes the DPoS consensus, in which masternode owners mine the currency, but all other users can take part in this by committing their coins into masternode.

Features the ATRONOCOM project will additionally provide users with :

Debit card with a crypto currency account
Bonus program for all owners of the ATRONOCOM token
Built-in crypto currency exchange, fortifying margin
Convenient payment mobile banking application
trading (trading on credit)
Built-in instant herald for private communication

Here it is worth staying in more detail, because private communication is a very paramount and obligatory thing these days. When corporations monitor users, and specialist accommodations monitor denizen correspondence, the presence of a decentralized private communication method will avail magnetize many users on the ATRONOCOM platform. In addition to the conventional encrypted correspondence, their instant herald will additionally support the function of private video and audio calls, as well as sending video and audio messages.

Fianance and theLegal aspects

The ATRONOCOM platform is currently under development. The engenderers have already presented a demo version of the platform – MVP, but to perpetuate the development they require funding, for which they spend ICO, selling to everyone who want their ATRONOCOM tokens.

The positive thing is that this platform is licensed and registered as a legal entity, and not anywhere in Malta or Cyprus, where the license is issued to anyone, but in one of the richest countries with the most astringent legislation – the Amalgamated Arab Emirates.

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