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When you have no experience, cryptocurrency investment becomes one complicated thing. Too much trial and error in investing can also drain your resources, and you will stop before understanding these things.

But no need to worry,

The pace of development of the cryptocurrency currency market, the technology is very amazing, it really looks like a revolution that in a short time changed views about many things. At the same time, as cryptocurrency becomes more advanced and functional, its user circle grows, but their demand levels also increase, and more functional and sophisticated solutions are needed. There is also a tendency to unite in a whole ecosystem project solution with the help of which, users in one application will be able to access the required functions.

Atronocom was created as a new step that aims to push the blockchain industry towards full decentralization, so that even smartphones in your pocket function for the future. The world of cryptocurrency and related requirements is becoming increasingly complex and difficult. Especially in the field of developing long-term, valuable crypto currencies and related projects, as well as secure and anonymous communication, payment methodologies and their applications, there are still many developments needed to be able to fulfill only those that are not real imperfect. demand on the market.

About the project
Atronocom is a new decentralized project designed for their DAPP application. The main mission of this project is to prove the opposite side of using cryptocurrency for people with the help of high-quality work, functions and tools.

That is, to change some negative attitudes towards the positive, thus destroying some ridiculous myths that are difficult, difficult and very uncomfortable to use cryptocurrency. Simply put, Atronocom aims to make the lives of its users not only simple, but also advanced with the help of high-tech products and tools.

Atronocom’s vision:

  • ATRONOCOM positions itself as a safe platform in one of the fastest growing markets in the world.
  • ATRONOCON wants to make life easier for investors and participants with simple but very complex technology and products.
  • Atronocom will provide practical experience and provide transparent guarantees and information exchange between related parties.
  • ATRONOCOM wants the latest research results to be available to customers and partners with reasonable price quality ratios and security issues.


Smartphones have become a necessity that cannot be avoided by all, because the intensity of use and diversity will grow along with the development of the device. Fans from the first hour of the crypto movement are now approaching the age of 60 years. Thus, the age of the products we develop and related products is an important factor in Atronocom’s judgment and decisions.
Features of the Atronocom messenger:
  • Message delivery
  • safe – Full security of transmitted files.
  • Calling and video chat.
  • P2R Encrypted VoIP connection
  • And there are many more functions where users can configure the desired level of security for personal correspondence and data sent.
Atronocom decided to take the SAFT Crowd Sales (Simple Future Token Agreement) to raise funds to move faster and bigger for the benefit of our users and supporters.
For “betting process” Atronocom has decided on the POS / DPoS consensus methodology and will be able to join many employees and the network where they work with tokens and in this way will be able to participate in the project. In Atronocom’s opinion, the incentive mechanism for POS is the right form of participation for participants and their networks.

Company Details

Registered Company Name
Registered Country
United Arab Emirates
Established company
1 Jan 2018
additional details

MVP / Prototype
Building a New Blockchain



2018 January-March

Project preparation and definition.


Technical planning and team building, and starting programming and library tools for cellular and banking versions.


Test for the first co-developer and implementation of the security concept.


Completion of components for banking, bank cards and Messenger, and for smartphones. The beta version of all components was completed successfully. The optimization process is injected.

January 2019

API and interaction structure, and online beta.


DApp activation and network light nodes, relay nodes and master nodes

July 2019

Expansion of platforms and marketing activities, as well as planning and participation in international events.

From the ATRONOCOM Ltd. Management Team
ATRONOCOM is a public distributed ledger for building decentralized applications which allows the User to stake his coins on the Cellphone with the implemented structure of an DPoS Algorithm. On the Same DApp the Team is giving the User the possibilities to do Banking, Credit card handling,Exchange Trading and OTC function combined with a state of the Art High Security communication messenger.

ATRONOCOM is currently conducting an accredited investor crowdsale to support the launch of the platform and accelerate development of its decentralized application and ecosystem for the Coin.

Please be vigilant and take extra precautions against scams. We are not offering a crowd sale to non-accredited investors at this time. Beware of pools and sophisticated “sale” websites that look like legitimate invitations to participate in a ATRONOCOM token offering, but are hosted on a different URL. ATRONOCOM SAFT offerings will be hosted at the ATRONOCOM[dot]COM URL. Never click a link or trust an email or chat message soliciting investment! Rather, type the ATRONOCOM URL – ATRONOCOM [dot] com directly into a browser.

Our Amazing Team

Meet the Passionate Team that is bringing this exciting project to life!

Thomas Koller

With the position of Chief Executive Officer, as well as the analytical and conceptual planning,Thomas and his team have now brought to light a project that has been prepared over a long period of time. The many years of experience in various positions in finance and planning now benefit ATRONOCOM’s plans. Thomas is a visionary from the very beginning and brings together his entire network to ensure the success of the project.

Manual Fizimayer

In the position of”Chief Operational Officer”, Manuel takes care of the day-to-day business and supervises the individual working groups to ensure user-friendliness. With 4 years of experience in cryptic currencies and own trading projects, Manuel had a clear idea of how the ATRONOCOM user interface should be implemented.

Maximilian Kozdroń

As the communications manager and the driving force behind one of Europe’s largest crypto networks, Maximilian brings 6 years of experience and thousands of hours of structuring and developing countless concepts for the crypto world to the ATRONOCOM team.

Nicolas Schmid

Nicolas Schmid, is an expert for software development, as a manager of major projects instate-owned companies and international corporations and as an expert for the crypto world, supports Nicolas ATRONOCOM in word and deed. This highly complex project is the result of decades of programming experience.

Marc Schildknecht

Since 2015, Marc has held leading positions in mining projects in Switzerland and abroad. As a technical genius he is responsible for the processes and controlling of the mining processes and coordinates the team to secure the technical basis.

Tino Ahlers

For decades, Tino has worked with the opinion makers and leaders of our society as a motivator and coach. He is the owner of an influencer marketing agency that reaches over 20 million people worldwide and manages various projects in the crypto industry. With Atronocom, Tino creates new yardsticks in its field of activity.

Peter Wong

Member of the Management Board of Apex Capital Ventures HK LTD. Peter has more than 30 years experience in traditional banking and trading and has worked for various banking institutions in Asia including HSBC, DBS and Standard Chartered Bank.Peter has been responsible for project structuring and asset management of the Apex board since 2011.

Matt Wei

A former HSBC banker and member of the Legal and Compliance Department of HSBC Singapore. Matt joined Apex Capital Ventures HK Ltd. in 2010 as Compliance Officer and Legal Advisor. Matt focuses on new technologies and new compliance regulations. Matt has extensive experience with block chain implementation projects as an IT legal and compliance manager at Apex.

Alexander Sabeti

Alexander is a senior board member of Apex Capital Ventures Ltd. and has worked in the financial sector since 1993. Alexander has worked in companies such as HSBC New York, HK and Dubai, Mercer NYC, Litasco Dubai, Glencore NL and CH. His professional focus is on asset management, project management, project consulting, trade structuring and finance.

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