Sustainable Sustainable Audit & Ecosystem Reporting Protocol.

Auditchain leads the development of the world’s first decentralized sustainable audit and ecosystem of real time financial reporting protocols for digital assets and company guarantees and disclosures. Auditchian enables continuous external validation of company systems and controls, financial data and disclosure control environments by the CPA and Chartered Accountants networks. DCARPE Alliance is a consortium of accounting, auditing, and financial reporting consisting of CPA, Chartered Accountants, enterprise software providers, and developers who contribute resources for development and encourage the adoption of the DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Protocol. Auditchain enables companies to provide stakeholders the highest level of assurance through decentralized consensus-based external company validation. 


After the launch of the DCARPE ™ Guarantee and Disclosure Protocol, an additional 12,500,000 AUDT will be issued annually in connection with prizes. The annual prize amount is an estimate and depends on the actual block time.


Airdrop “Proof of HODL” will include a drop of up to a total of 45,000,000 AUDT Tokens in four (4) separate airdrops for early adopters over a period of one year after the last phase of the IEO Auditchain.

  1. The wallet address must contain the AUDT Token balance when the photo was taken,
  2. The AUDT Token balance contained in each wallet address must be identical in circumstances or contain a higher amount for each successive block after the snapshot.

AUDT cannot be transferred or transferred at any time from the wallet address. Each block will be audited to verify that no AUDT moves occur between Snapshot and Airdrop blocks. Any movement in any amount will result in disqualification of the address for that specific Airdrop. Learn again.


Each Airdrop will be distributed to eligible wallets that contain AUDT Token balances in proportion to their ownership in the total amount of AUDT Tokens held by eligible wallets. This will be calculated using the following formula: Total Airdrop multiplied by the amount of AUDT Owned by the Adopter divided by the Total Amount of AUDT that Fulfills Receiving Airdrop equal to the amount of AUDT you will receive on each Airdrop. 


Driving a New Safer Economy Guarantee

The AUDT Token functionality strengthens a new world of decentralized guarantees and disclosures. This is what drives modern company transparency from initial certification, early detection and remediation to real time financial reporting with the highest level of assurance through decentralized external company validation. 

AUDT Token


AUDT Token opens the most powerful and secure set of applications and decentralized network company guarantee and reporting services.


AUDT tokens are the base currency and utilities for enterprise application services, guarantee payments and disclosures. AUDT unlocks network services that provide the highest level of transparency to investors and stakeholders with a small portion of traditional audit and reporting costs.


As a two-layer protocol, Auditchain provides seamless interoperability between private and public blockchain that enables strong utility and atomic settlement of trade payables.


AUDT fees for companies can be reduced to zero through subscription revenue sharing and company participation in a guaranteed ecosystem without decentralized trust.


AUDT allows stakeholders to open and view detailed company audit analysis and detailed financial performance that provides the highest level of transparency of the company’s system and controls statistics to real-time financial performance. 


Heart: AUDT 

 Token type: ERC20

Price of personal-sales / pre-sale tokens: /0.1USD

Receive: ETH

Sales-personal / pre-sales bonus: no info / 30

Prototype: NO

Minimum pre / private hat sales:

Price of bulk sales tokens: 0.15 USD


1. Early Contributors and Adopters: 6%

2. Token Sale: 40%

3. Drop Water: 18%

4. Advisors: 10.3%

5. Team: 10.3%

6. Partnerships: 10.3%

7. Bounties: 5%

Proposed Roadmap

2 ND QUARTER – 2019
Launch of 
MVP & Token Generation Event 

QUARTER 4 TH – 2019
Testing Node

2 ND QUARTER – 2020
Launch of MainNet

3 RD QUARTER – 2019
Auditchain TestNet 

1 ST QUARTER – 2020
DCARPE ™ Explorer 
xBRL ™ Analytics 

Commercial Launch  2020


Jason Meyers
Founder Bio  

Bogdan Fiedur
Developer Full Stack Bio

Mike Tuscano
Senior Project Manager, PMP Bio

Neeraj Rohilla is the
head of Bio technology officer

Sadhana Reddy Bio
Business Analyst

Chandan Singh Rana
Pimpin the Blockchain Bio Developer

Veera Musku
Chief of Digital Bio Officer

Srimayee Madasu
Leads Full Stack Bio Developer


Graham Gal PhD. Bio
senior advisor  

Jonathan Mohan Bio
Strategic Advisor  

Simon Cocking Bio

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