What Is AuditChain?

Auditchain is leading the development of the world’s first decentralized continuous audit and real time financial reporting protocol ecosystem for digital asset and enterprise assurance and disclosure. Auditchian enables continuous external validation of enterprise system and control, financial data and disclosure control environments by a network of CPAs and Chartered Accountants.

The DCARPE Alliance is an accounting, audit and financial reporting consortium consisting of CPAs, Chartered Accountants, enterprise software providers and developers who are contributing resources to the development and driving adoption of the DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Protocol. Auditchain enables enterprises to provide stakeholders with the highest levels of assurance through decentralized consensus-based enterprise external validation.

AUDT and its benefits

AUDT is the leading Auditchain platform token. He will be needed to translate all the proposals submitted to the platform.

The AUDT Token permits these outstanding qualities:

1 Allows to get more reliable and safe reporting for companies.

2 The AUDT token is considered to be the base currency and utility for the service and provision of payments of corporate conclusions. This token unlocks network services that provide the most sublime degree of transparency for traders and stakeholders.

3 Ensures perfect comparability between personal and social networks.

4 Tariffs for companies are likely to be reduced to zero due to the distribution of profits and the role of the company in the Auditchain decentralized ecosystem.

5 The holders of the AUDT token contains the probability of being reviewed by an audit specialist and the detail of economic work that guarantees the highest degree of transparency in real time

The project main aim is that Companies will no longer need to look for independent auditors who may not always be qualified and worry about the results, professionalism and disclosure of confidential information to third parties. All this will be implemented on one platform and will be done with the help of AUDT tokens and checked by a network of certified accountants.

Analysis AUDT Token

The AUDT Token is the base currency and utility for enterprise application service, assurance and disclosure payments. AUDT unlocks network services that provide the highest levels of transparency to investors and stakeholders at a fraction of the cost of traditional audit and reporting.

Today the initial placement of tokens on the exchange starts at the price of one token 0.20 USD and to take part in it, you will need to register on the site, make a deposit in the currency Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC or EUR and purchase the required amount.

The total supply of AUDT at the genesis block will be 250,000,000 which includes (i) 160,000,000 to be sold in the TGE, (ii) 25,833,333 to be distributed to the team, (iii) 25,833,333 reserved and distributable to advisors, (iv) 25,833,333 reserved and distributable to partners and providers of applications and services to the Auditchain network and (v) 12,500,000 reserved and distributable in connection with bounties. See “Token Allocation”. In addition to the initial AUDT token supply and subject to block times, consensus proposals and improvements, approximately 12,500,000 additional AUDT tokens will be rewarded to all Federated and Non-Federated nodes per year which amounts to approximately 237 AUDT tokens per block. Below is a chart of the infation curve which results in the debasement of the initial supply of 250,000,000 AUDT at the initial rate of 5% per annum which is disinfationary.

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