Aurum: Blockchain based service that will provide jewelry

What is the Aurum Platform

The Aurum platform is a blockchain based service that will provide help with watches and jewelry.

This is a revolutionary platform that will change the everyday things we use in our daily lives. One by one, simple things adapt to blockchain technology slowly from day to day and the Aurum platform will jump in the era of blockchain.

Aurum Security and Control Services

– The work done by jewelers or watchmakers is always recorded through CCTV which ensures proper product handling.
– To protect customers properly, each customer receives a receipt with a description of the unique features of the product when the product is put into service.
– We offer hotlines, which allow you to solve problems quickly.
– Our versatile equipment enables us to provide the widest range of services.
– Head office video surveillance ensures that staff adhere to company standers.

Target market

During the Financial Crisis, Unlike Blockchain And Other Parts Of Industry, The Repair Industry Or System Is Not Affected At All. People can not buy or buy new items, but they can be able to Install things they already have. They can even customize or improve their own objects, which is a great business opportunity.

Jewelry and watch manufacturers still require a higher cost. This is considered to allow a very good business opportunity. Again, the Aurum platform will utilize blockchain technology with this.

Aurum is a company that has been proven running since 2005 and the company has been established in Russia. There are currently 3 cities and 19 regional locations. The Aurum blood service center is easily accessible and easily recognizable.

Apart from Year Of The Good Year Of Proven Services Provided By Aurum Aurum Assured The Team And They CAN Be Very Proud That Offer SERVICE SHOWN TO ALL Their High Quality Customers.

What problems did the project finish?

Below are the problems identified. Increase in corporate liabilities: unused points are recorded as liabilities. Due to the fact that customer points are becoming less popular, corporate liabilities are becoming more significant and negative impact on their financial estimates. Low loyalty program performance: this is because of low usage point, the company can not achieve the loyalty program performance as expected. Productivity is low, how to put social costs for clients and businesses

Complexity control points: an average of 29 registered programs, different, making it difficult to control points and lead to the fact that glasses are out of date. The benefits will be provided by this platform. Users and companies can use platform seats. Users can redeem their points for AURUM Tokens (AURUM) or use their points at Shop Point. Users get access to promotions through ad channels for access to ads from interested companies.

The AURUM wallet lets you manage and integrate multiple partners simultaneously. Companies have access to more customers, allowing them to quickly sell their products on pointers. The AURUM exchange model helps companies to effectively reduce their obligations. Partners can encourage greater loyalty to potential customers using AURUM archiving and storage tasks.

AURUM Token is designed as an token that is compatible with ERC20 on the Ethereum platform and utilizes locking technology. Target AURUM Audiences-airlines, travel agents who are market leaders, and online stores around the world. With such advantages, AURUM, based on cutting edge technology that is sophisticated, safe and effective, will have a billion dollars in the global market.



Bounty Program

Aurum token 7.500.000 is allocated for all types of bonuses.

All bonus types are paid monthly (1/7 budget for each bonus type), based on a full week, during the first week of the following month (first payment period is July, 1 July), 7).






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