This concept is especially true in digital advertising. If you don’t have your targeting laser-focused, you’re going to bleed money by advertising to people who just don’t care. It won’t matter how witty your ad copy is, how gorgeous your video is, how awesome your images are, or how perfect your landing page is.


“The future is within the chain; blockchain technology that forestalls everybody from cheating!”
It is no longer doubt that Blockchain is presently the most revolutionary technologies that are emerging in the field of information technology, that help to connect data (blocks)chronologically so as to be able to form an inalterable and traceable records of transactions through the process of maintaining a shared ledger in a network on multiple nodes.

According to the technical assurance of cryptography, peer-to-peer network communication, distributed consensus protocol, smart contracts and other technologies,it gives room for multiple participants to make use of the blockchain ledger system as a basis for trust for multiple-party transactions, that help to get rid of the need for any additional trusted third parties which allows for low cost and low delay data exchange and dealings process moreover as economical circulation of digital worth.

Overview of the project

The inhabitant Digital Team and its Advisors come back from a spread of various sectors together with Importation, Exporting, Business Strategy, Business Development, Business Marketing, Business Banking, Digital Marketing, Social Media, TV Production, Interactive style, time unit coaching, Trading Stocks & Currencies, Blockchain Analysts and Cryptocurrency experts.

They are a various cluster of similar folks with totally different backgrounds, different educations and different cultures. All with the same goal.
One of the biggest problems “You” face in business and life, in general, is the flow of money. The flow starts at the top and slowly trickles down until You as Mums, Dads and Business owners pretty much get the last drops as the flow has been dammed of by Banks and greedy establishments charging exuberant Fees and Charges.

Because of this we all borrow money and have to pay it back with huge interest. It moves from banks through lending or is given to people for their labour. This is primarily how Small and Medium Business gets money. In other words, we trade our current time “Labour” or our future time for a Loan.

The problem is our time is short and sooner rather than later it runs out. This is a fact that most people don’t think about or don’t want to think about for obvious reasons. It’s a horrible thought but time is our most precious commodity and we trade it for money!
With that in mind…

What can be done to stop this? Well, we do our best to cut the banks and any middlemen out. Not to say we don’t need them but through the use of alternative payment methods “Cryptocurrency” and cheaper fees on our platform we can cut down our reliance on them. This is what Aussie Digital is all about. We want You to get a fair go. We want You to enjoy more of Your precious time and have more money in your pocket to enjoy it with.

At the heart of Aussie Digital is a philanthropic view that You should have the opportunity to be just as successful as anybody else, regardless of Your investment or experience. With a Protective Community based Ecosystem and Better business tools, Aussie Digital will gear each community member “You” to do better Business and feel valued and secure in the ever-evolving space of Digital Currency. We know that to keep our community strong and prosperous, members “You” need to feel supported by the ecosystem.

With the constant increase of new business coming to market across the globe, they needed our help more than ever. We liken our project to the power of the ant. Alone it is small, and the journey is hard. But together they can build wonderful things and even ward off the largest of invaders. So, by building a strong community we can shape a new economic landscape for Small & Family Businesses across the globe and create amazing things, just like the ant.


The interface has been designed to be terribly easy with fast access functions. This will make it stand out from all other cryptocurrency exchanges for its sheer usability and functionality.
Through our exchange, you’ll have the ability to exchange our coins and many other reputable coins. We wish to confer with our exchange because the “Engine Room” because it plays a giant half in our E-commerce Platform and permits our retailers to just accept any coin we have on the exchange.

Retailers can have the power to mechanically convert their sale to their chosen currency in real time that removes a number of the fear caused through volatility and releasing up their time, so they can concentrate on business.


There square measure several|numerous|such a big amount of|such a large amount of|such a lot of} ICOs out there then many new coins all claiming to be following globally accepted currency, out doing all Crypto and Fiat Currency.

The fact is there’s no use for many of those coins!
The goal is to make scheme of supporting services which will settle for our coins, allowing our users to pay for Goods and Services without leaving the platform.
We want these coins to stay current through the scheme, slowly growing in value as more and more consumers discover the advantages our Coins have to offer. With the more advantage of lower platform fees, we think this is more than achievable.

With all our services acceptive the coins and philosophy of keeping it straightforward “to improve new user uptake” we’ve a true likelihood of constructing a giant impact on however people view Cryptocurrency. This is why we are saying our coins can have REAL worth and with the support of our Community can still gain worth.





2016 – 1st Quarter
AUD Coin and Ecosystem
Idea conceived
Market research begins

2017 – 1st Quarter
Blockchain team put together

2017 – 2nd Quarter
Work begins on AUD Coin and Ecosystem
Consisting of a trading platform
Ecommerce and Social media

2017 – 3rd Quarter
Development Begins on AUDcoin and Exchange Platform

2017 – 4th Quarter
Platform testing begins

2018 – 1st Quarter
Second team brought in to help development of the Ecosystem

2018 – 4th Quarter
Seed Funding Completed

2019 – 2nd Quarter
Retail Platform “Tradezy” is ready for business. Signups welcome!

2019 – 2nd Quarter
Presale Begins

2019 – 4th Quarter
Tradedo Exchange is completed and ready for the release of AUDcoin. AUDcoin is released on External Exchanges

2020 – 1st Quarter
Fast Money Transfer Protocol is completed “FMT”. Cheap and fast Retail Transactions are now possible throughout the ecosystem.

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