Authored – is an active app on Android and iOS. It allows you to connect publishers, authors with readers who need to find useful information., Google Books, Apress, Wiley, … and others. It wants to be an online publishing system, but it also wants to be a social networking platform that allows you to publish high quality content from authors and product authors.

The copyright content may be:

“A book;

– To essay, scientific research;

“A short story;

– share part of a specialist;

– A utility tip, etc.

The Authored platform connects publishers, authors with readers, with those who seek useful information. It will offer an online service based on authoring books that focus on user experience and develop smarter services for users in the era of 4.0 technology. This fact gives the project a differentiation and superiority compared to other systems, the authored will have no paper book distribution.

Advantages of an Authored User:

ATH (token created) as conversion medium in the system;

Publication in the author fast and friendly;

Acquisition of the original publication of the authors;

Language book service for readers who want to hear well;

“My” ATH through various classification activities, community recording.

Based on blockchain technology – the use of ATH tokens is based on the ERC-20 platform as a means of conversion into the system. The Authorized provides audible book functionality to the readers

who want to hear good and emotional voices or just because they are lazy reading their own books online due to fatigue. The voices are recorded by the authors themselves or other members. Users want to be able to “mine” the ATH directly in the authorship of various activities, from the classification of authors to inclusion in the host society, etc., which create a source of revenue for themselves.

At the opening of the ICO, to obtain funds to the

Products will be 50 million tokens issued during the ICO period. The token sale price starts at

$ 0.05 / token and raise until the ICO period is completed.

In the era of the common economy, he wants to be an innovative product as a social platform

of popular books that promise to complete the marketing of the previous products in the market. The expectation for Authoring is to make a fresh start by bringing a positive experience to authors and readers around the world.


ICO has officially started and should close on 07.07.2018.







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