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Good evening.I wrote an article about the project on the site modern digital technology is developing very quickly, a lot of applications that you will see when you berkujung in playstore on Android and even iOS applications.but when it is also we find N things confusing if the app is in line with what we expected.what if I am a Publisher or a Creator of unique Content, I would think if there are any apps to support the author’s works that can be published for many readers.

Here I saw a very interesting project, the AUTHORED Platform is an active application on Android and iOS.
Not only does Amazon Books, Google Books, Apress, Wiley and the online issuance system serve, but Authorized is also a social networking platform that allows you to publish quality content from the author and author of the product.

How,are you interested in this project.This is a brilliant idea of the project is the author, and the author is very easy to publish their work, so it is easy to get the latest information from the authors that they want.This application can also be used as an online publishing system, but it is also written a social networking Platform that allows you to publish high-quality content from the author and author of the product.
For example, author content such as :

  • Essay, research.
  • Short story.
    Tool tip, etc.

On the one hand, this project has a service not to offer a paper-based book distribution service.Author service is based on online author distribution of books, with a deep focus on user experience and dig into the provision of services that are more intelligent for the user in the era of technology 4.0.
You can see how the author of Mangguanakan Blockchain technology.
This project has tokens that they currently have with the name ATH.this is a berstandartkan token on the ERC -20 platform as a means of converting to the system.Buy a seal in a snap with Visa, MasterCard or even a Bank account.

What to do if you are someone who deals in social media when you make a status on Facebook and Twitter,the status you send will be considered by all the people who follow you,the same happens with Platfom.Authors can publish their works in author’s form quickly and conveniently.
The service on this app also allows you to interact with the author or narrator, it’s very easy and effective, I think.because besides you can interact directly You can also buy original author publications with reasonable cost.
This service is very easy to use in addition to these services can teach the nuances of readers and the publisher of this application the user can also “mine” ATN directly on the author
various activities by rating the author, join the recording community, etc. it creates a source of income for themselves. And other useful features.

Speaking of blockchain technology in this application, of course, the author has an ATH token, which will be a means of conversion in the system.I can see the amount of ATH tokens issued by the author and how much they cost, the current 1 Ath token for $ 0.05 and they only have 5 million tokens to be sold with that price and that will be doubled after the pre-Sale ends.
Don’t miss this opportunity :

AUTHORED also gives you a referral program where the referral program has a percentage that is high enough, you can see how the referral system works.
Referral Bonus 10%
Invite your friends and get a referral bonus of 10%.
When a friend registers via the referral link, you get 10% of the Ah token he / she buys.
Example-if all your friends buy 10,000 Ath tokens in the first transaction, you get 1000 ATH as a referral bonus.
Get a unique referral link by registering on the site, the AUTHORED

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The following details supply body vitamins and tokens ATH Ath token distribution and sales detail of all that you can see here. price pre-sale first phase and pre-salae next stage.

October 2017: development of ideas.
November 2017: research to ensure the application of the idea.
December 2017: ICO development system.
April 2018: completion of the white paper.
May 2018: opening of ICO to receive funds for the creation and development of the product.
Q3 2018: Embed an ATH Token in Coinmarketcap and exchange externally with a 2x-6x target price.
Q4 2018: Develop products with basic functions on Android or iOS platform.
Q1 2019: the Development of products with advanced features, billing is integrated into the Blockchain
The platform uses the Ath token.
Q2 2019: collaborative campaign, partnership with authors, Content publishers, author.
Q3 2019: campaign to attract products and services.

Speaking of a project with a very good application, of course, you will ask who the teams that are in this project are..
San Tran is the founder and CEO of AUTHORED
software engineer with many years of experience in technology. he worked in various projects in the field of telecommunications and web you can see the details.

If you are interested in this project, you can see the latest information from the author and see the development of this project in the future, more information you can directly visit
WhitePaper :
Telegram :

My bitcointalk profil link :;u=1876033


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