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The new ideas are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is Authored Platform, an application dynamic on Android and iOS has arrived. Not simply filling in as Amazon Books, Google Books, Apress, Wiley, and other web appropriation systems, yet Authored is withal a casual phase of the association that authorizations you to circulate an incredible substance from article scholars and subject writers.


Authored Platform is an application dynamic on Android and iOS. Not just working as Amazon Books, Google Books, Apress, Wiley, … and other web based distributing framework, however Authored is likewise an informal organization stage that permits to distribute fantastic substance from the journalists and writers of the items.

ATH (Authored Token) as the methods for change in the framework.

Distributing on Authored in a rapidly and cordial.

Obtaining the first distribution from the creators.

Discourse book administration to serve the perusers who want to hear great.

“Mine” ATH by different exercises from rating, recording network.


Authored Platform: Is an application dynamic on Android and iOS.

Copyright substance may be:A book.

An article, legitimate research.

A short story.

An expert’s piece of offer.

An utility tip.

Gives an organization which enables to interface distributers, writers with the perusers who are in need to search for the important information. Given detachment and predominance considered over various structures, Authored does not offer a paper-based book scattering sevice. It offers an Authored-based online organization of scattering books, focusing significantly on customer encounter and digging in game plan of all the more clever sevices for customers in the 4.0 advancement time.

Made using the Blockchain development – it is the using of ATH Tokens in light of ERC-20 arrange as the techniques for change in the structure. The purchase of printing is in a snap with Visa, MasterCard or even a money related adjust.

The makers can disseminate their thing on Authored in a quickly and genial way, such as making a status on relational association Facebook, Twitter, ect.

Perusers are allowed to use the Authored with a pleasurable trial. In development to securing the main generation from the makers at a sensible cost, they can in like manner interface direct with the maker.

Created may outfit a talk book advantage with the hope to serve the perusers who need to hear awesome, energetic scrutinizing voices or essentially being unreasonably indifferent, making it difficult to examine isolated online books on account of tiredness to look at them. The voices are record by makers themselves or distinctive people.

Customers can “mine” ATH clearly on Authored by various activities from rating the makers, joining the account gathering, et cetera which makes a wellspring of pay for themselves..

Why Authored stage is interesting from others anticipate?

Clear Roadmap

Sorted out Platform

Solid overseeing group


Created gives an organization that offers command to interface wholesalers, writers with the individuals who need to discover profitable information. Given the division and prevalence that are mulled over in various edges, the writer does not offer a paper book predicated on paper. He offers online organization of ordinary books predicated on copyright, profoundly focusing on the customer’s involvement and digging into the association of more adroit housing for clients at 4.0 development time.

The creator who uses the Blockchain development is the usage of ATH Tokens in the light of the ERC-20 stage as basic adjustment techniques. Buy imprinting in gear using Visa, Master Card or even monetary adjust.

Writer can appropriate his products to Authored in a speedy and heartfelt path, for instance, while inducing a status in the casual network of Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Perusers are endorsed to use Authored with a friendly ordeal. In spite of the way that the obtaining of the main items from the engenderers at a conceivable value, they can withal specifically speak with the engenderer.

The writer can give a manual on a rambling manual with a normal score for understudies who need to auricularly observe awesome, passionate perusing voices or are generally extremely drowsy, which makes it infeasible to see with no other online books as a result of weakness to take the murmur . Voices are recorded by the engenderers themselves or by various individuals.

Customers can “clear” ATH completely on Authored by sundry activities from engenderers’ evaluation, joining to a gathering of records, and so on., What makes a wellspring of compensation for themselves.

The ICO is on special now since May 2018 for what reason not be a piece of it as you put resources into the creative Authored undertaking and still profit by presenting your companions utilizing your referral joins.

Token Sale and ICO

Fund Alocation and Token sales


OCT 2017 : Idea advancement.

NOV 2017 : Research to guarantee the thought application.

DEC 2017 : ICO’s framework advancement.

APR 2018 : Completion of White Paper.

MAY 2018 : Sale opening of ICO to get the store to build up and in addition build up the item.

Q3 2018 : Listing Token ATH on Coinmarketcap and outer trade with focused cost of 2x – 6x.

Q4 2018 : Product improvement with fundamental highlights on the Android or iOS stages.

Q1 2019 : Product improvement with cutting edge highlights, coordinated charging on Blockchain stage utilizing ATH tokens.

Q2 2019 : Campaign to co-work, cooperate with writers, content distributors, authors.

Q3 2019 : Campaign to draw in Authored items and administrations.


NB: Authored Platform neither guarantees nor acknowledges commitment for the exactness, unwavering quality, contemporary or fulfillment of this substance material. People continuing to influence speculations inside the stage to need to are searching out fair master suggestion past to showing up on any of the data contained on this paper.Prospective buyers of ATH tokens need to mindfully bear in mind and investigate all risks and vulnerabilities identified with Authored Platform and their individual companies and operations.If any of such threats and vulnerabilities forms into genuine activities,the business organization,monetary condition,effects of tasks and possibilities of Authored Platform will be physically and antagonistically affected.In such instances,you may lose all or part of the rate of ATH tokens.

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