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Building Trust Across Real and Digital World. Authpaper limited has been providing document anti-forgery software solutions for years. In this Authpaper Delivery project, we use blockchain to provide a peer-to-peer platform to deliver confidential data with unforgeable delivery records. Authpaper Delivery is also a platform for users to issue unforgeable certifications.

About Authpaper Coin

Delivery of confidential and commercial documents have been relied on physical mailing in the previous decades. Physical mailing allows documents to be delivered confidentially with concrete evidence on delivering / not delivering and current digital delivery solutions failed to do so.
However, it is well-known that all printed documents/ credentials are potentially subject to forgery. Every year, billions USD has lost directly due to document fraud.
On the other hand, whenever there is a need to deliver or broadcast a huge amount of digital data, like a game, operating system, or movie, data integrity often cannot be guaranteed. Also, it requires a very stable connection for a long time between senders and receivers or between a huge server and receivers. In many cases, people will simply copy the data into a storage medium like DVD, USB Drive, or a hard disk, and mail it to the recipient.
BitTorrent (BT) seems to be the answer to these problems. However, it cannot provide an incentive to peers to deliver a data which is confidential to them, and it cannot provide an unforgeable record of delivering or attempt to deliver a data to someone. Here is what Blockchain can helps.
Combining Blockchain and BT to provide a peer-to-peer platform which encourages peers to deliver confidential data for others is the core concept of Authpaper Delivery platform.
This platform also supports certifying the source of a data and circulating a data for approval.This platform provides a lot of impacts across multiple industries. No matter legal, accounting, trading, commercial parties benefits a lot by saving the printing and mailing cost and time. It also helps solving the copyright data leakage problem. Data issuer can create multiple copies of a data with different watermarks and keep it on this platform before selling to others. Delivering system images across network becomes handy as both parties do not need to be online together.


Documents and data can be circulated inside this platform instead of printing out and wasting time to moving around people for confirmations. With this platform, the time for mailing is saved because the documents are sent instantly over the Internet and it is confidential with public verifiable record on mailing and document source. With this platform, it can provide document certificate for company to use for exchanging document between companies and companies. With this platform, document sender can send a data with full delivery record, including how the document is delivered, by when and who the data is picked. If the delivery is failed, a record of attempting delivery is recorded on blockchain as smart contract. Hence it fits in the legal and compliance need. With this platform, companies can send the snapshot confidentially online. All data has integrity checking and encrypted. The data is sent via BT protocol, data transfer can be readily continued after connection lost. On the download side, the data is transferred from multiple peers, increasing the data delivery rate.With this platform, video owners can create videos with random noise one by one first and send to the platform. Video owners only need to keep the original copy of the video, and the torrent file for each modified copy. The customer will download a protected video copy so that whenever there is a video leak, video owner can trace it back.


Token: AUPC
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 400,000,000 AUPC
Price: 1 AUPC = 0,1 USD
Payment: ETH
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 41,500,000 USD
KYC: Not


Quantity: 20,000,000 AUPC
Begining: 15.08.2018
Completion: 14.09.2018


Quantity: 140,000,000 AUPC
Begining: 15.09.2018
Completion: 15.12.2018


In my own perspectives, I can see AUTHPAPER as an innovative, incomparable and undisputed project with a great vision and unique ambition to be the most smartest and respective projects in the nearest future all over the globe.
Team Member
Solon Li: CEO / Founder
Lawrence Chiu: Business Development Manager
Derek Leung: BlockChain Consultant
Alex Chiu: COO
Nowadays a lot of projects are being created in different countries, But not much of them with solid standard and good qualities as AUTHPAPER does.
Yours sincerely
Good luck on the target
Thank you
ETH Address: 0x29AF24D027E5A0A74427A2A4D5dDFe09803D5F93

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