A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a
medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the
creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrency
mainly uses decentralized control with all transactions recorded in a database called
Blockchain. The first decentralized cryptocurrency created was Bitcoin in 2009.
Since then, the crypto world has grown exponentially in the last couple years.
Massive adoption of blockchain technology cannot be evaded in the coming
years as cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly easier to access and own. There
are at least 1500 cryptocurrencies currently in the market. One of these is
AutoBlock .

The automotive industry is considered one of the largest in the world. Not only do the manufacturers want to give the best and the optimal vehicle to their customers, but people around the world buy and sell cars for profit. Since this is a recognized market, there are many problems with systems that cause a lot of problems, but AutoBlock is a platform with solutions to problems in the transport industry using blocking technology.

AutoBlock is a universal choice of tools that support the key functions of the automotive transport marketing system under the conditions of rising scientific and technical inventions. His mission is to introduce the crypto currency into a wonderful world of the transport industry, enabling customers to interact directly with automotive centers through digital means. And additionally they create their own architectural ecosystem, with plenty of opportunity, based on transparent blocking specifics. Technology, called blocking and smart contracts, will offer an opportunity for frank and honest sales and hiring.

The purpose of Auto Block is a revolution in the estimates of used cars and vehicle information. Only validated individuals will be entrusted with the evaluation of the quality and documents on the machine, and will also have access to the traffic police database. Leasing companies, merchants, customers will have access to all of the traffic information and remotely.

The Problem
1 . Buying Cars With Cryptocurrency: One of the biggest challenges facing Cryptocurrencies is mainstream adoption. Many of the projects within the space are building platforms for the future where there is no immediate use case. Auto Block has created a platform to be able to buy and sell vehicles using cryptocurrency without having to exchange them for fiat thus solving the user two problems. The first, they do not have to go through a long process of exchanging crypto to fiat and having their assets slowly decrease through exchange and bank fees, and secondly, a platform where you can use your crypto assets in the ‘Real world’. Crypto users desire anonymity and in many instances do not want to cash out as this attracts potential taxation issues. Buying cars with crypto solves this problem and allows the release of tax free funds.
2. Finding Car Dealers That Accept Crypto: We have etablished that it is almost impossible to find cars for sale online that can be purchased using crypto. A handful of dealers claim to accept crypto but upon further investgation they are not fully prepared to transact through crypto. A demand exists and there is no supply.

3. Access and Accuracy of Vehicle Data : The auto industry currently relies on monopolised data and valuation systems that are at best subject to external influences and manipulation [Valuations] and at worst are unavailable in detail to the public [Data]. The outdated infrastructure upon which these essential existing industry standard tools are built is actively impeding natural growth, particularly in the field of new vehicle sales in developing markets. Buyers research before buying. The ability to harness this data will enable many use cases including and not limited to governments, insurance companies, auctioneers, law enforcement and national car registries.

4 .Accuracy of Vehicle Valuations :Where vehicle valuations exist in developed and mature markets they are supplied by commercial organisations that almost have a monopoly. There exists a need for a decentralised global database that gives users immediate access to a wide range of vehicle valuations by age, mileage, spec and location. Currently this data is unavailable or fragmented and is consequently offering inaccurate and differing valuations.


Buying Cars With Cryptocurrency 
The Autocoin offers a simple and highly efficient transaction alternative that will become the automotive industry standard cryptocurrency. Thanks to its’ ease of use, acceptance, flexibility and transparency, The Autocoin will become the currency of choice by both car dealer and peer-to-peer vehicle transactions. The team behind The Autocoin have realised the potential of introducing cryptocurrency to the automotive industry, and aim to capitalise on the benefits of simplifying vehicle transactions for buyers and sellers.

Some of the core benefits of using The Autocoin currency for buyers include:
*Ability to purchase vehicles worldwide using The Autocoin

* Significantly lower transaction fees – fast and easy payment without add-on bank charges.

*Immediate settlement – no waiting period for transactions to mature (i.e., instant availability).

*Security against identity theft – no credit card or bank details being stored by third parties.

*Anonymity – highly desirable for high bet worth individuals.

*Release of crypto assets into the mainstream with minimal exposure and taxation issues.

*The highest level of fraud prevention – thanks to the platform’s utilisation of blockchain technology, Autocoin has reduced the risks of counterfeits and chargebacks to zero.

*Easy international payments unencumbered by protracted exchange rate considerations.

*Significant choice of vehicles offered for sale via the website

Some of the core benefits of using The Autocoin currency for sellers include:

*Free exposure of vehicles offered for sale worldwide via

*Fast and easy transaction No cost entry to accept The Autocoin as a payment solution

*Lower transaction fees

*Easy worldwide payment acceptance

*Ability to retain The Autocoin in digital wallet for investment or other purchases or option to convert to fiat upon transaction completion
*Team of expert support and advice staff available

Finding Car Dealers That Accept Cryptocurrency is a portal offering initially new and used vehicles, performance, prestige and classic cars for sale to buyers wanting to transact using cryptocurrency. Car dealers will be offered the opportunity to list their cars via an automated dedicated stock feed to the portal. This hitherto unavailable sales opportunity will incentivise car dealers to adopt the free to use Autocoin payment cryptocurrency solution. A sales portal website that offers for sale vehicles [Worldwide] from dealers that accept Autocoin. Integrating car data and valuation services, autocoincars. com will be a ‘one stop’ destination for everything required to check out and purchase a vehicle. With the click of a button, a seller can see a vehicle’s complete history, including its mileage, major repairs, ownership details, etc. A free to use sales portal for trade and private sales and purchases that will rapidly achieve Google rankings and be the de-facto online source for crypto-car purchases.


• TargetSoft Cap: 5,000 ETH Hard Cover: 40,000
• Symbol NatureAutocoin will at first be ERC-20 tokens. Once our primary net is usually live, we will end up being changing all ERC-20 ATC bridal party to ATC tokens on our indigenous Blockchain on a 1:1 ratio.
• Token TypeAutocoin will end up being a Protection symbol. Symbol cases will be titled to talk about any income produced. Returns will become paid out as a ratio of the bridal party kept: total tokens.
• The quantity of TokensThere will ever be 400 Mil bridal party produced.
• The worth of TokenThe token cost will be 1 ATC = $0.25. The Ethereum price will end up being chosen once the sale offers began.




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