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Screenshot_2018-04-16-16-27-55-1.pngAutobay is the first ecommerce platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to sell, buy and auction cars using cryptocurrency as payment method. Autobay will become the largest automotive environmentin the world whose main objective is to create legitimacy to the cryptocurrency market by allowing the use of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)and Autobay Tokens (ABX) as a Financial Asset to acquire goods.
In very nearly 20 years from 1997 to 2006 the car business nearly copied its generation, from 54,000,000 units to 94,000,000 units created in one year. The car business chips away at two principle specialty unit, new and utilized vehicles. The expansion in populace around the globe that would now be able to access to purchase a vehicle, either a truckor family vehicle and those individuals that pitch their utilized autos to buy another one. This two gatherings joined make an industry of over$ 3 Trillion (US Dollars) a year. To set a case the utilized auto industry in China, which is the biggest car market on the planet has expanded by 10X in the course of the most recent 10 years, coming to a $94 Billon dollar in 2016 and just in the United States in 2017 more than 37 Million utilized autos were sold
The two markets have expanded exponentially finished the most recent 20 years and they are anticipated to continue developing. On the opposite side, through the development of web and the expansion of Smartphones (achieving 1 out of 3 individuals on the planet) internet business stages have turned into the speedier and less complex approach to offer products of any sort, and vehicles are not the special case.
The cryptocurrency market has, all alone, seen an incredible increment in its market top in the vicinity of 2016 and 2017 and then again since December 2017 an expansive fluctuationon their qualities which makes vulnerability to speculators and organizations who wish to help grow a steady cryptocurrency condition. The primary purpose behind such precarious result is given the way that a lot of digital forms of money have no characteristic esteem instead of the way that there is a constrained supply of such cryptographic forms of money and an extraordinary request made through its curiosity factor, and an extensive level of them offer essentially the same, go about as an installment strategy with few or none qualification between each other.
Autobay is a decentralized web based business stage that enables clients to advance their vehicles for the viewing pleasure of anyone passing by them web based permitting clients from everywhere throughout the world to buy such vehicles utilizing digital currencies as an installment technique Autobay makes a much rearranged, safe experience when purchasing a vehicle, enabling individuals to purchase an auto in only 3 simple and safe advances. Stage one, the individual needs to peruse for the auto they need, utilizing channels that abbreviate their inquiry to particular brand, demonstrate, year,millage,price range and area (span in km).
Stage two, when a man finds the auto they need, either new or utilized, they simply click in catch that shows up in the distribution that says I’m intrigued, involving that they are willingto visit the area where the vehicle is, in orderto survey the auto. By squeezing the I’m intrigued catch, the two gatherings, vender and purchaser get each other’s profile data. Along these lines one of the components making vulnerability is weakened given the dealer knows who is offering the auto and can see past audits of different clients who have purchased from him previously and private merchants know who to let into their homes.
Stage three, and most vital, when the individual has consented to buy the vehicle there is no requirement for money installments, the main thing the purchaser needs to do isopen the Autobay Decentralized application on their cell phone, enter the “I’m intrigued” menu, where a posting of the considerable number of autos the purchaser was intrigued
AutoBay Safe, Simple and Secure. inappears, he at that point searches for the post on the particular auto he wishes to purchase, and through an inserted wallet in the application, he can make a propelled store or the full installment, picking the cryptocurrency he wishes to pay with and by squeezing the “Purchase” catch he createstheSmart Contractin the Ethereum Blockchain that pays for the auto.
Autobay will get straightforwardness the obtaining procedure as each and every exchange will be set as squares in the Ethereum blockchaincreating a record of evidence of possession and records the majority of the information of the exchange making a record of the highlights of the auto that empowers future purchasers to monitor the autos history, making a protected, secure and peaceful process
On terms of how Autobay comes to isolate itself from relatively every cryptocurrency out in the market is on the grounds that out of the blue, there will be an internet business stage that will enable individuals to purchase great only in cryptocurrency, there will be no FIAT installment permitted.
Indeed, Autobay will energize a development in the crypto group as It will open the cryptocurrency condition to individuals with next to zero involvement,
It will permit individuals from everywhere throughout the world experience the straightforwardness of this sort of installment by giving them an inserted wallet.
Enabling anybody to procure digital currencies without the long procedure of opening a record in trades and cryptocurrency specialists,
Enabling individuals to get cryptocurrency without the charges taken by dealers (between 0.5 – 2%)
Make a genuine incentive for Bitcoin, Ethereum and
Autobay Tokens, as their esteem will be upheld by available products hence making a genuine interest for them.
Items Screenshot_2018-04-16-16-32-27-1.png
Autobay will have a scope of potential outcomes for its clients, the first being offering and purchasing autos as specified previously, from private proprietors or dealerships. The favorable position dealerships will have when promoting their autos in the Autobay stage is that they will have the apparatuses to sort out and break down their own particular market. For example, given the “I’m intrigued” catch will share the profile data between parties, dealerships will have a reasonable comprehension of the request every last one of their vehicles have, enabling them to adjust costs, make advancements or marketing designs with a specific end goal to build their deals and as a result advantage the purchaser.
Autobay will likewise permit Auctions on a particular time premise. Sell-offs won’t be a customary component that will be available in the stage each day, however, for example, occurs in Auto demonstrates everywhere throughout the world, they will be unique occasions each a particular time of timedepending on the nation.


HARD CAP = $ 24,000,000
PRICE ICO = ETH 0.0001
EMISSION TOKEN = 945,000,000 ABX


Until 08 May 47%
09 May – 08 June 37%
26 June – 09 July 27%
10 – 23 July 17%
24 July – 06 August 7%

Tokens for sale 510,300,000

Investment info

Min. investment 200 USD
Accepting ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 54%
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 24,000,000 USD


Q1 2017
Product concept developed. Company founded, Team Assembled.

Q2 2017
Website and Dapp designed.

Q3 2017
Advisors join the team. Beta Autobay Website developed MVP.

Q4 2017
Autobay ABX Token created.
Tokensale website developed.

Q1 2018
Autobay promoted in websites and Social Networks.

Q2 2017
Pre Sale & Crowdsale launch.
Reward Auction granted.

Q3 2018
Decentralized platform and Dapp Beta Trial. Marketing campaign for the platform.

Q4 2018
Autobay website & Dapp Platform Launch.

Q1 2019
Marketing campaign for Autobay Auction.

Q2 2019
Launch of Auction platform.

Q3 2019
Offering 3 Car manufacturers an Official Store within the platform to test for a period of 4 months.

Q4 2019
Marketing Campaign for those 3 Official Stores.

Q1 2020
Launching 3 Official Stores on a
beta testing for 4 months.

Q2 2020
Offering other car manufactures the possibility of opening an Official Store.

Q4 2020
Launching official Stores for Car Manufacturers within the platform.

Q3 2020
Marketing Campaign for Official Stores.


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