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Autobay is the first ecommerce platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain, which allows users to sell, buy and auction crypto currency cars as a payment method. Autobay will become the world’s largest automotive sector where the primary purpose is to create legitimacy through the use of Bitcoin (BTC) to cryptocurrency market, Astraleum (ETH) and Autobay tokens (ABX) as financial assets.

With Autobay you can buy, sell and auction new and used cars from private sellers and dealers from around the world in the largest neighborhood of the e-commerce blockchain. You can pay with cryptocurrency for your desired car with a low transaction rate and a free cash payment process security.

Autobay is the first ecommerce platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing users to sell, buy and auction cryptocurrency vehicles as a payment method. Every year, more than 80,000,000 new cars are sold worldwide, and only in the US, more than 100,000 used cars are sold daily, through an obsolete, money-related process. Autobay Vision is to create a good price cryptocurrency that allows them to trade as a financial asset (in this case vehicle) to buy goods, while everyday problems completing the automotive industry to create a procedure that is much safer, easier and safer Vehicle to buy. Autobay’s main objective is to create legitimacy cryptocurrency market by enabling the use of Bitcoin (BTC), Astraleum (ETH) and Autobay tokens (ABX) as financial assets to obtain goods (cars, trucks and motorcycles).

When you purchase a new vehicle, almost everyone at one point has to cash in FIAT cash, either to or from the bank, or from home to a dealer that involves a stressful and unsafe process. When buying used cars, we know that the entire industry is based solely on cash sales policies, which leads to greater uncertainty during the process. When buying used cars from private sellers, people are also forced to drive to unknown locations where unknown salespeople claim they own the cars they want and do cash transactions in very unpleasant situations. Risks such as money loss, robbery, counterfeit records and time lost are part of the risk of cash payments. In the last 100 years, the process of buying vehicles has been the same part and is outdated and uncertain. Process.

Autobay is a patented ecommerce platform that allows users to promote their vehicles so that anyone can view them online, so that users from around the world can buy a cryptocurrency vehicle as a payment method. Theautobay creates a much easier and safer car buying experience, allowing people to buy a car in just 3 easy and safe steps.

The first step, the person must find the car they want, with a filter that shortens their search by brand, model, year, millage, price range and specific location (radius in km).

The second step, if someone finds the car they want, whether new or used, just click on a button that appears in the publication that said I’m interested, which means they’re ready to visit the place, where the vehicle is to judge the car. By pressing the button I am interested in, both parties, the seller and the buyer receive mutual profile information.

The third step, and especially if people agree to buy the vehicle does not need the cash, the only thing buyers do is to open the application Autobay Decentralized on their mobile device, go to the “I’m interested”, in which a list of all cars prospective, he then sought a post in a particular car that he wants to buy, and through the wallet embedded in Dapp, he can make a deposit for an extended or full payment, choosing cryptocurrency he wants to pay and through Pushing the “buy” he managed the contracts Smart in Ethereum Blockchain, who pays the car.

Autobay also allows auctions at any time. Auctions will not be a regular feature that will appear on the platform every day, but as is the case with car shows worldwide, they will be a special event depending on the country (ie, once a month, after everyone from around the world) have the opportunity to buy a car directly at auction and the offer is made only in crypto currency.


With Autobay, users who can not afford the vehicle can get access to finance on the same platform. This provides a transparent and fair financing plan for every Autobay user worldwide and offers end-to-end solutions.


With Autobay, user reviews can create an ideal environment for secure transactions so that buyers can get reviews about sellers and merchants. Sellers, on the other hand, increase their sales through a backend platform that allows them, among other things, to view statistics for each published vehicle and a list of potential buyers.
Autobay has partnered with the Blockchain Corporate Ink Protocol to accomplish this task.


Vehicles will be verifiable into platforms by their VIN number, avoiding any form of fraud and harassment, and creating a safe, trustworthy and secure environment for buyers.


    Safe and secure payments and transactions between parties
    Safe and secure payments and transactions between parties.
    Cheap pay with ABX, BTC and ETH
    Token is used as a payment for the purchase of vehicles and car listings on the Our Commerce platform
  4. GIFT
    Promotions, discounts and prizes will be given to users who pay with ABX through other crypto currencies
    Verify users via social media, mobile numbers
    Stress-free, because it does not require cash, simple and simple transactions.
    Users are reviewed to make the community better and fairer.
    Blockchain ensures a solid registry for each transaction detail

Enabling someone to obtain a digital currency, without a lengthy process of opening the record in trade and subject cryptocurrency, Enabling individuals to receive cryptocurrency without charge taken by the trader (between 0.5-2%) creating a real incentive for Bitcoin, Astraleum and Token Autobay because their awards are enforced by the products available to create a real interest for them.

Autobay will have potential scope for its customers, who are the first to offer or buy a car as prescribed, from private owners or dealers. A lucrative dealer position will be in promoting their car on the Autobay stage, that they will have devices to sort and break their own special market. For example, remember the tick “I’m interested” will share profile data between the parties, the dealer has a reasonable understanding of the requirement in each of their vehicles so that they can adjust the costs, progress or marketing design with the aim of specifically to build their consent and as a result, profitable buyers.

Autobay will allow the auction for a limited time. Sell-off will not be an individual component that will be available on the stage every day, but for example, occurring on the auto show anywhere in the world, they will be a once in a lifetime opportunity every time dependent on the nation.

Info token

Token ABX
Ethereum platform
Enter ERC20
Price at ICO 1 ABX = 0.0001 ETH


Until May 08 47%
May 09 – June 08 37%
June 26 – July 9 27%
July 10-23 17%
24th of July – 6th of August 7%

Token sold 510.3 million

investment Info

Min. Investment 200 USD
Receive ETH, BTC
Distributed in ICO 54%

Soft Cap $ 1,000,000
Hard cap 24 million USD

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