Hello everyone, I will introduce a Project that will Facilitate the purchase of vehicles around the world, assessments and access specifications, a series of BlockChain-based products that will be very important as well as automotive industry standards, this project is called AutoBlock and AutoBlock aims to resolve the most prominent disputes in the industry automotive and use blockchain technology to do it.
AutoBlock is a product and blockchain service series specifically developed for the automotive industry around the world.

Solutions to Prepare to Revolutionize the Automotive Sector

Auto Block offers a unique set of products that will align cryptocurrency with the mainstream automotive industry by making vehicle transactions safe, fast while also giving you full access to historical data of vehicles purchased, NVD (new vehicle data), and valuations. Provide transparency to buyers, as well as sellers.
What Makes The Auto Block Stand Out?

 Change the way people buy, sell, and research cars.

AutoBlock will revolutionize the automotive industry and make it transparent so that sales and purchases can take place without accident.
Car sales portals for car dealers who receive AutoCoin to advertise their stock for free, open new markets for them. Initially, prestige, performance and classic cars are transacted throughout the world using AutoCoin, followed en masse by volume car dealers.
Set to revolutionize the valuation of used cars and vehicle data, Auto Block’s mission is to serve professionals such as insurance companies, car dealers and leasing companies in the motor industry with accurate and easy access to data and valuations. The Blockchain technology used to collect real-time valuations with the help of direct data will generate a rich database of all vehicle specifications around the world. Automatic Block Technology will allow individuals and businesses to access information about data and car valuations wherever they are.
How does it work
A car for portals for car dealers who accept AutoCoí to advertise free shares, open new markets for them. Poor performance, performance and cars are transacted throughout the world through AutoCoín, mass-filled by car lovers.
Payment card
Have a muƖtí geredger card in your pocket to get instant access to your assets.
Benefits of Using Automatic Blocks
Not biased and supported by Blockchain technology
Do not have a centralized data center
Serve as an instant solution for unlimited access
Provides access together with one touch
By country of origin
Offers specific regional and country assessments
Providing unlimited access to information
Problems that might be faced;
Vehicle rating system
Vehicle data
Security and payment increases
Vehicle data systems, this problem that arises when new customers consider buying a car is vehicle data.
Auto Block products provide solutions to deal with problems like that:
Automatic Coins – Cryptocurrency
Auto Coin’s main features are:
 Make transactions faster, easier, and safer
An intuitive POS payment processing tool
Ability to save funds in Auto Coin or convert to fiat currency
The converted funds will be the same as the current Bitcoin level of $ or £
Offer a number of prizes in the form of Auto Coin to those who adopt it in the initial stages
Vehicle Data and Systems
Blockchain technology is integrated into Automatic Blocks because it ensures accuracy and makes it easy for customers to access data.
Benefits of the data system above:
Direct specification comparison
Independent assessment by reg / vin and distance or make / model / mileage
Comparison based on NVD (New Vehicle Data from producers and agents)
The ability to compare up to 5 countries at any time, and in one report
Helps simplify import and export decisions
Provides complete vehicle history reports (fuel efficiency, accident history, damage, and CO2 emissions)
Offering car life expectancy
Token function
Token Allocation
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