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Auto Block out Bounty, talk about what auto block is there now? All I know is often customized wedge car cryptocurrency to enable secure online and face-to-face transactions for the purchase of vehicles and deposits. In additional terms, this is a tool for purchasing specifically for this device to make consumer functions simpler as above.
What   actually  theatoblock   it 
AutoBlock is an item and collection of blockchain solutions that are mainly developed for the automotive sector throughout the world. The idea for such an answer was born in the first quarter of 2017 when the user acknowledged that even though the electric motorbike market was significant, he lost the need to make it safe, protected to gain access to, and reliable. In the third quarter of the same 12 months, AutoBlock’s progress began, and the business opened its first local activity at the end of the 2017 season.
Why did I make a Wedge Car to trade? the key is  designed to move consider and the way in which someone buys and sells. Changing both used vehicle ratings and motorized vehicle data, the system we confirm and custom will provide motorcycle industry specialist bodies such as Insurance Companies, Car Sellers, and Business Leases. Provides the same amount of actual time from hundreds of hundreds of subsequent data items and centralized data source display of all vehicles made throughout the world,
This platform offers several user cases, such as:
• Government companies: improve their transportation facilities in all API services
• Insurance insurance: to get access to vehicles full of specifications
• Analysis for insurance companies
• Value for individuals who buy or sell used cars
• Buyers or private vendor questions to obtain or provide vehicle data
Complications faced with the next choice,
• Vehicle rating program
• Vehicle data
• Protection and increase in payments
• Vehicle data systems Problems that occur when new clients consider buying a car can become vehicle data.
But calmly, we also got a solution to overcome this problem, this solution was provided by   theautoblock   , among them:
  1. Ang Car Gold Coin – Cryptocurrency
The Main Coins Automatic Highlights are:
• Easy-to-use POS portable payment payment tools
• Ability to save funds in Auto Coin or convert to fiat currency
• Changing currencies will be the same as the current Bitcoin price of $ or £
• Perform many Gold Car coin awards for those who apply it at an early stage
And also people who apply Auto Block will definitely benefit from people from the rating program:
• Unbearable and supported by Blockchain technology
• There will be no central data center
• Serve mainly because of quick answers for unlimited access
• Provides access together with one touch
• By country of origin
• Offer trials for certain regions and countries
Offers unlimited access to data
Token function
Token Allocation
For more information, visit the following link:
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