Dear reader, Just as my usual practice of bringing valuable and profitable information across your way, let me quickly give you information about this great innovation known as “AUTOBLOCK”.

With Auto Block, no information concerning the specification, valuation and time of production of any vehicle will be hidden from both dealers and customers throughout the world. Any information related to vehicles will be made open and available, championing total openness and transparency in the Auto industry.

The Problem
Valuation of vehicles is an important procedure in the Auto industry and all vehicles ought to undergo valuation. Being so important, all vehicles undergo valuation but the problem comes from the type of data that results from such exercise.

This information is useful in the determination of the health of vehicles but yet they are kept from public view. The data is either fragmented or completely inaccurate which becomes of no use to those in need of it.

An Unstable Remedy
Seeing the importance of data to the public, the Auto industry went ahead to build faster systems a that will be able to produce much needed data on their own for their users.

Yet the problem is not solved because the information made available happen to be produced faster than users can go through them. There is no provision from the Auto industry on how to sort through the countless data generated, which makes their solution to need more help.

The Only Solution
The blockchain is what will make the Auto industry better than it currently is and that will be achieved through Auto Block.

With Auto Block, The way people relate with the Auto industry will change because they’ll be able to research, sell and buy cara in a more convenient way. Now, people will no longer suffer mishaps when they’re transacting business in the Auto industry. Car Dealers will be able to showcase their merchandise without any cost on the Auto Block platform.

A Workable Strategy
The Ecosystem: On the Auto Block platform, Hyperledger fabric will be used to manage assets. This Hyperledger fabric will be used to classify, on the blockchain, cars as assets as well as Metadata. Trust will be built on this platform and also no data will be tampered with.

Distributed Ledger: A distributed Ledger will be used to introduce flexibility, confidence, scalability and resilience into the Auto industry through the Auto Block platform.

Endowment Funds: Auto Block will make available 8 million USD as endorsement funds which will be utilized in providing equity on their platform for merchants as well as businesses and to also make the exchange that will occur between Auto Coin and fiat hitch free.

The Platform Benefits
The Auto Block platform will give their platform users a vast choice of vehicles for purchase and these vehicles will be seen on their website

Customers will be able to determine the basic information relating to the vehicle of their choice such as the life span of the vehicle they wish to purchase to avoid being cheated by dealers.

Customers will have access to spec report for any vehicle they want and that report will be compiled from five different countries.

Road Map:


The Auto Block industry has been in a position where the need for change has been emphasised over time, without any credible solution, but now Auto Block will make the industry standardized again by using the blockchain to make their operations decentralized and satisfactory for their customers.

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