Adoption of mainstream is one of the biggest challenges facing Cryptocurrency.
Most projects in cryptocurrency are building platforms for the future where there are no direct use cases. Adoption of mainstream is one of the biggest challenges facing Cryptocurrency.
AutoBlock has created a platform to be able to do it buying and selling vehicles using cryptocurrency without having to exchange it so fiat solves two user problems at once.
The first, shortens the length of the crypto exchange process to fiat and have their assets slowly decrease through exchanges and bank fees, and secondly, your crypto asset application platform is in the ‘real world’.
Buying a car with crypto solves the problem of anonymity and allows the release of tax-free funds.

The purpose of the The AutoBlock project is to deliver a secure automotive industry dedicated cryptocurrency that will be adopted by car dealers worldwide as the defacto payment solution for cryptocurrency car buyers.
Decentralising the supply of data and information available within the automotive industry and offering the most accurate and live car valuation tool, car dealers and buyers will have a 21st Century ‘one stop’ solution for vehicle purchase, data and valuation access.

AutoBlock is a blockchain product and service series designed specifically for the global automotive industry. The idea of ​​finding a solution emerged in the first quarter of 2017, when founding members realized that it was safe, accessible and reliable. The full development of The AutoBlock began in the third quarter of the same year and opened its first regional office in the final months of 2017.

goal of The Auto Block project is to provide 
a safe automotive industry that is specifically cryptocurrency that will be adopted 
by car dealers around the world as a de facto payment solution for 
cryptocurrency car buyers. Our sales portal, o? There are 
many choices of vehicles to sell at dealers who accept cryptocurrency 
as payment. 

Decentralized data and information delivery available in 
the automotive industry and providing the most accurate and live car 
rating tools , car dealers and buyers get 
a 21st century stop – stop solution for vehicle purchases, data and valuation access.
The Autocoin offers a simple and very e? Icient transaction alternatives that will become 
the automotive industry cryptocurrency standard. Thanks to ease of use, acceptance, 
flexibility and transparency, Autocoin is the preferred currency for car 
dealers and peer-to-peer transactions. 
The team behind The Autocoin has realized the potential of introducing 
the cryptocurrency automotive industry , and wants to take advantage of the advantages of simplifying vehicle 
transactions for buyers and sellers.

How does it work

A car is intended for car experts who accept AutoCoín to advertise their shares for free, which allows them to enter new markets. Unreasonable prestige, performance and c areassíc cars are traded on top of gƖobe with the help of AutoCoín, along with a large volume of autodactors.

Payment card

Leave your card in your pocket to access your own assets.

The Auto Coín
Some of the main benefits of using Autocoin currencies for buyers include:

– The ability to buy vehicles around the world using De Autocoin 
– a much lower transaction fee – fast and easy payment without additional bank fees. 
– Immediate determination – there is no waiting time for transactions to mature (ie immediate 
availability ). 
– Security against identity? – no credit card or bank details stored by third parties. 
– Autocoin uses a push-based payment system that forwards payments to your 
request , not payments requested (or ‘withdrawn’) by the seller as soon as you make your 
bank details or sensitive card.

Some of the main benefits of using Autocoin currencies for sellers are:

– Free exposure to vehicles offered for sale worldwide through 
– Fast and simple transactions 
– No entry fees to receive Autocoin as a payment solution 
– Lower transaction fees 
– Easily accepted worldwide payments 
– Possibility to keep Autocoin in your wallet digital for investment or purchase or other options 

for converting to Fiat when the transaction is complete

ICO Information:
Token: AUTO;
ICO price: 1 AUTO = 0.00025 ETH;
Platform: Ethereum;
Method of payment: ETH;
Min. investment: 0.20 ETH;
Softcap: 5,000 ETH;
Hardcup: 40,000 ETH.

Function for tokens

Q1 2017:
* Ideas for AutoBlocks are born
* Proof of concept
* First investment received
Q2 2017:
* Development Planning
* The team completes for development
Q3 2017:
* Development starts
* Round of initial private investment
* White paper starts
Quarter 2017:
* London Office Arranges
* Data collection of more than 30 million vehicles Q1-208:
Q1 2018:
* Alpha platform version released
* API service development starts
* Pre-ICO Round
* E-Wallet
* Register Exchange
* Cellular Application (iOS & Android)
* Services will be aired for Members (Beta Version)
* Live platform for dealers
* Dealer Geographic Expansion to the platform
* POS Alpha version
* Assessment Services to Indian and South African Markets
* Fiat currency conversion
* Direct service with Commercial Clients (Alpha Version)
* Buy a car in Finance with Autocoin / cryptocurrency
* Primary Dealer on boarding
* Development of Electric Charge Points starts
* Extension of Assessment Services (Far East & Rest Asia)
* Share a car on the Autoblock Blockchain
* Fleet management
* POS integrated with parking system (Pay parking with Autocoin)
* Electricity Fills Alpha Points with integrated POS
* Alpha Live Car Sharing Application
* Direct Beta Car Sharing


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