The Auto Block project provides encryption for an automotive industry, being adopted by car dealers around the world as a payment solution for cryptomanced car buyers.

What is automatic locking?

Automatic locking is a set of products and services.

The platform is in all cases of users, such as: Government Agencies:

transport infrastructure through API services

Insurer: for – the Car full of Defects

Valid for insurers Evaluation for who buys or sells used cars

A buyer or seller, available to obtain or provide vehicle data

The problem :

Buying Cars With Criptomoeda

There are virus dealers who accept encryption. Many of the projects within space are building platforms for the future where there is no case of immediate use. Auto Block has created a platform to buy and sell the vehicles in encrypted form without being exchanged for fiat, thus solving the user two problems.

Finding Car Dealers That Accept Encryption

You may be different in online games that may be purchased using encryption. Handfuls of compromises are accepted and encrypted, but after further investigation, they are not fully explained to transact through cryptography. There is a demand for some time

Access and Accuracy of Vehicle Data

The automotive industry and the monitoring and evaluation systems that are available at most under the influence of internal and external evaluation are real, without a document.

Automatic Fallback Solutions:

1 shopping cart with Cryptocurrency

Some of the key benefits of using Coin Autocoin for buyers include:

1 Ability to purchase vehicles worldwide with an

2 Most recent exchange rates – fast and easy payment without using additional features.

3 A quick and fast and a wallet of purchase and payment of other purchase options. Immediate settlement – no waiting period for transactions to mature (ie, instant availability).

4 Identity theft security – no credit card or bank data stored by third parties.

5 Anonymity – Highly desirable for people with high stakes

How it works

A car is for people who accept AutoCoin to advertise their shares for free, opening up new markets for them. Initially prestige, performance and classic cars are being traded all over AutoCoin, by mass and by passenger cars.

Payment card

Have our credit card in your pocket for instant access to your assets.

Benefits of Using Automatic Lock

Not biased and supported by Blockchain technology

Does not have a centralized data center

Serve as an instant solution for unlimited access

Provides shared one-touch access

By country of origin

Provides assessments of specific regions and countries

Provides unlimited access to information

Problems that can be found:

1 vehicle classification system

2 vehicle data

3 Security and payment increase

4 vehicle data system, this problem that arises when new customers are considering

buying a car is a given of the vehicle.

The main features of Auto Coins are:

Intuitive portable payment processing tool for POS

Ability to save funds on Auto Coin or converted into fiduciary currency

The converted funds will equal the current Bitcoin rate of $ or £

It offers a series of prizes in the form of Auto Coin for those who adopt in the early stages

Token Functions

Assigning tokens



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