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Consequently, this has made a lot of people, including companies miss some great opportunities. Often, a chance to improve their lives. This is the problem Avatara was designed to solve.

Avatara is a service that enables your personal virtual presence anywhere in the world, without the language problem. The service is possible thanks to the advancement in mobile communication, which allows full-scale video broadcasting via the internet.

This service offers the middle class of people some opportunities that used to belong to the rich. These include;

  • Easy movement around the world
  • Ability to research international market
  • Ability to make trading agreement in any language
  • Buy branded goods at world’s sales
    So, you are wondering how many middle class people are in the world? Well, there are several billions. That’s right, all of them are potential customers of Avatara Technology. So, how does this platform work? Relax, we are getting there.

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Think of Avatara as a person that works for you and receives $5- $50 per hour. Now, this person has a phone with a camera or video glasses. He or she also has access to the internet and Skype connection.
Avatara allows you connect through Skype. This implies that you’ll be able to broadcast audio and video in either mono or stereo format. Aside from Skype, there are other supported video broadcasting technologies that have video recording features.

If your Avatara does not understand the language, no problem. You can simply connect an interpreter, which will be made available on the site, to the communication channel. If you do not have a glasses with camera, your smartphone, or table PC can help you interact with a collucutor on Skype.
What role does Blockchain play in all of these? This is the technology on which the secure transaction between the customer, Avatar person and the translator will be built.

Aside from the services provided by Avatara, the company is expected to produce simple gadgets that can be used for broadcasting. One of such is a stereo video glasses. Other gadgets that can be used for broadcasting include;

  • A Phone with mono camera
  • A phone with stereo camera
  • Sunglasses with a camera
  • Plain glasses with a camera

User will have the option of either broadcasting to a common monitor or a stereo one. You’ll also be able to broadcast to 3D gadgets such as VR devices.

A person has to visit www.avatara.world to mark himself/herself incognito on the map. This will enable customers that want to connect find him or her. At the end, such a person will receive a temporary or permanent earning for connecting to the Avatara system.

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Users will be able to choose between expensive and cheaper individuals to connect to their desired coordinates. When you are on the website, you’ll notice these individuals moving around the map in the form of a coloured dot.

A customer will be required to purchase the AvataraCoin tokens to order the services. After this, he or she will be able to pick Avatara and a translator based on parameters. After finding the translator and Avatara, the customer has to get consent from them, before depositing the AvataraCoin tokens into the secure transaction account.
All the transaction that is expected to take place between the Avatara, customer and translator is going to be on Blockchain.

The company is expected to receive a specified percentage from each transaction between the parties that use it. These are; customers, translators, Avatara persons, shops, casinos, museums, etc. Aside from this, the company is expected to make money by providing other services outlined below

The company is expected to sell professional gadgets that can be used for broadcasting to Avatara. These gadgets, which include common and 3D devices are expected to be sold under the Avatara brand. According to the whitepaper, the market for gadgets is very large.

Avatara is supposed to have its own TV channel in the future. This channel is expected to be called A News.

The company intends to develop some future technologies that will offer a hundred percent effect of presence to customers.

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The name of the token that is offered on this platform is AvataraCoin. This token is being created based on Ethereum’s ERC20 standards. Furthermore, it can be used as strategic and short- term interest for buyers.
According to the whitepaper, the ticker name for the token will be VTR and the demand for this token is expected to be high. This is because, no one will be able to enjoy the services provided by Avatara without using the tokens. AvataraCoin basically serve the system operation and customers will be required to buy them to use the services.

The maximum token that is expected to be issued is 7,320,000,000 VTR. Sixty percent of this total supply is expected to be used for the event. Please note that, all unsold tokens will be burned. The owners will receive 21 percent of that total supply. However, these tokens will be frozen foe a year.
Finally, 19 percent of the token will be used for project development.

According to the whitepaper, the largest percentage of the fund (53 percent) raised during pre ICO and ICO will be used for development and team. It’ll also be used for research, operational spends, employees and office.
Twenty-foot percent of the fund will be used to create a network of representative, global marketing and affiliate network. The owners and developers will receive a bonus of 12 percent and another 6 percent will be used for paying for PR and the marketing services dine for the Initial Coin Offering event.

Three percent of the fund will be used for the development of Avatara persons’ community around the world. It’ll be used to create work rules and regulatory documents too. The last 2 percent of the fund will be used to solve legal issues that may arise from any part of the world.
To find out more about Avatara, check out the whitepaper.

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Website: https://avatara.world/ru
Whitepaper: https://avatara.world/ru/ico#documents
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3019942.msg31063968#msg31063968
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Avatara_World
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avatara.world
GitHub: https://github.com/AvataraWorld/Avatara
Slack: https://avataraworld.slack.com/messages
Medium: https://medium.com/@matrixekiber
Telegram: https://t.me/avatara_ico
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmHMoovUueQxr4VKMeE6IKg/videos

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