A new decentralized platform for recruitment called Aworker

Aworker is a recruitment platform based on the technology of Blockchain. This platform has been created to disrupt the existing market for recruitment that had a volume of $429 billion in the year 2016. Aworker is going to assist people in finding a good job through the use of Ethereum Blockchain and its WORK tokens. Additionally, it is going to help the companies to find a suitable candidate to fill the vacant job positions.

Nowadays, there are three major problems persisting in the business of recruitment. Firstly, it is very difficult to find good workers since companies cannot always access them perfectly. Secondly, recruitment is an expensive process. An organization has to incur an expense of 8,000 dollars for hiring a worker at a job of medium level. The third problem is the difficulty in assessing the candidate. One cannot judge the professionalism of a particular candidate on the basis of the data given by him or her.
There are certain problems that even job seekers have to face in the traditional system of hiring. Even smart and experienced candidates don’t receive offers because of the numerous applications received by the recruiter. Secondly, there are certain enterprises that make use of the professional skills and abilities of the people for free. Such information includes the data shared by them on the social media websites, like Facebook and Linkedin.
Aworker platform has been developed to provide wider job opportunities to people. Additionally, they are going to provide an aid to the enterprises in minimizing their costs of hiring and selecting the best candidates.
This platform makes use of the technology of Blockchain to generate a peer to peer platform for the recruitment of candidates. Through the support of smart contracts, it has become easier to modify the norms of recruitment. It also aims to create a reputation system that is going to check the qualification of the expert candidates.
Aworker platform makes use of WORK tokens. These WORK tokens are associated with the recruitment of employees in an organization. The enterprise has to spend these tokens to find and hire employees. There is a maximum limit imposed on the availability of the WORK tokens. Firms can purchase these WORK tokens on the stock exchange platforms.
Organizations will be provided with an application for recruiting as well as communicating with the candidates. Vacancy can be created in the firms by human resource managers through the use of smart contracts. Smart contracts are also used to verify the necessary information about the candidate inside the network of Blockchain.
HR managers can check the competencies, skills, and the completed projects. This platform desires to create a place where people receive rewards for their achievements, abilities, and skills at work. The use of Blockchain will offer more reliable details about the candidates, which are not provided in traditional companies nowadays.
Decentralization offers a great opportunity to create a new environment. Now, every person can create a reputation of a reliable employee just with a few clicks. If you want to know more, you can read Aworker’s whitepaper.
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