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What is an Aworker
Aworker is one of the development platforms that have blockchain use for recruitment, Aworker is created its function for disrupt market recruitment, which in 2016 has reached 429 billion dollars. using token work technology and blockchain ethereum technology people will find a job easily and the company will be able to choose its employees according to the needs of the company and according to their own expertise only by using the help of Aworker.
This worker is made on the basis
Help job seekers to make it easier and faster on the basis of what they like
Help companies in the company looking for candidates who have a sense of integrity and loyalty to the company with a more efficient cost.
Aworker uses Blockchain technology to create:
P2P platform is used for personnel recruitment. With the power of smart contracts, it is possible to change the rules of recruitment, When others recommend candidates and all participants of the critical stage receive wages.
System reputation, will prove more qualified specialists.

WORK Token
WORK tokens associated with hiring employees in the company. Companies will have to spend a WORK token to find and hire an employee the company needs with a limited number of tokens. Companies will receive applications to hire and communicate with potential candidates. HR managers will be able to create vacancies, use smart contracting opportunities, and to examine core information about candidate candidates in blockchain: what skills are verified, competence, project completion, at Blockchain will provide more reliable information about applicants, who are now less company.
this is the main difficulty in recruitment and job search is expected:
Very difficult to keep employees with the needs of the company
Will have difficulty in choosing candidates
Experienced a high cost process in recruitment
Workers will have difficulty getting the job they expect
Companies get data about the professional skills of their candidates for free.
This Aworker solution.
Awoker creates a decentralized and reliable solution for employees and companies based on Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts. Our solutions consist of job market, skills verification and reputation independent rating. Employees get the opportunity to find work and make money on their networks, skills and professional accomplishments. Companies gain access to decentralized Ranking and verified skills through smart contracts.
The purpose of this Aworker:
Creating a global ecosystem of decentralization for enterprises For workers, and, will help to find employees who have profisionalism and recommend friends for the right open positions.
Create a universal decentralization in employee appraisal and reputation for the whole world.
Creating the simplest and most reliable tool to verify reputation for some matches.
It enables people to earn money for the skills they have in motivating additionally to their own development
Create a decentralized ecosystem that will provide additional employees and motivation for development.
Enabling an employee to be the best in the professional field.
To introduce the advantages of a smart contract Etherealum for the real world. This Aworker user There are four types
user in Aworker:
people who work in a company or find a job. An employee can respond to vacancies and include information about skills, competencies or work experience possessed. Every month, an employee can engage in decentralization of the Aworker Rank.
the user must be the most proactive and qualified of the app. She has more proven skills and high reputation recommendations from employees. Aworkers can recommend their acquaintances to open vacancies, check employee skills and evaluate potential ratings. The aworker reputation will depend on the results.
HR Manager
Be a part of company representatives who can inform about open vacancies, assessment views and employee ratings. The HR manager will be able to track Aworker job seekers in the app, communicate with them, have access to ratings and verified skills.
An employee employee for his subordinates. One can get «manager» status after being confirmed by three employees of the company. The manager will be able to choose for company employees (or other employees), but his / her voice will be the same as any aworker sound. Managers will also have the ability to write reviews about employees
Decentralized Skill of Verification System
Using Verification Skills, employees will be able to:
Receive a reward for their proven skills.
Increase their competence in the eyes of HR managers.
To use the Building Decentralization Reputation that will confirm a person’s real skills on a global scale.
Aworker will make a transparent verification system has credibility among the companies. It will be decentralized, universal, transparent, and will offer employee skills suitable for work.
John’s Verification Skills add information that he has the ability «English: Upper-Intermediate» skills. He attached a certificate from an English school confirming this. He sends the skills to verify and spend the WORK tokens. The aworkers community affirms John’s skills in 14 days. John and the aworkers who confirmed the skills get the token WORK back.
Antifraud system :
We consider the possibility of a fraud case by developing an antifraud system. For security reasons, we can not reveal all the details of the system, but there are several options to help minimize fraudulent issues, such as:
An employee must show his / her account on social networks and workplaces;
The personality of an authorized manager to confirm the data to be examined carefully. This person must have three verifications of company employees;
Integration with decentralization of the Civic identity verification tool to reduce the risk of dishonest user registration;
Users with suspicious social networks and work site pages will be blocked until data is confirmed;
The suspicious behavior of each participant (employee or manager) will be monitored by our system.
Motivation to use Blockchain technology In determining non-functional requirements for the Aworker platform, we have made the conclusion that for achieving the best results the platform should be decentralized, it must provide transparency in decision making, it must also be stable and secure, extended, scalable and should promote the open to user motivation.
Blockchain technology can help to implement these basic rules, it was chosen as the default platform for Aworker realization.
Transparency in decision making. At any time, information about ratings and votes is acceptable, it will help to ensure in the honesty of decisions taken.
Stable and secure.
This platform must provide stable operation at any time period, it must be resistant to hacker attacks and to ensure safe storage of user data.
Can be extended.
The Aworker platform should provide a set of interfaces for the execution of services, which use this platform.
Beneficial for the devotees.
The internal economy of this application to enable users to gain tangible benefits and motivate potentially new members to join the platform.
Distribution of remuneration to market participants
This smart contract allows people to get prizes for active users recommending their friends to open positions, as long as the acquaintance receives a particular post or comes to the interview.
Confirm employee skills
This smart contract provides transparent procedures to demonstrate their ability to each employee. Employee skills are deemed confirmed only after the minimum number of people is collected.
The minimum number of people must match the following three conditions:
Minimum of 100 voters;
The difference between the majority and the minority of people exceeds 20%;
The total prizepool awarded to the winner is a minimum of + 10% for shares of each member of the majority.
Employees, who wish to obtain public confirmation skills, initiate contact launch by sending messages about adding new skills by referring to supporting documents (or documents).
Service users, who expressed a desire to check Employee skills (for example, because they have skills like themselves)
Compilation of employees
This smart contract allows to form employee rankings, taking into account the views of the aworkers.
The employee commences the launch of a smart contract by submitting a form indicating that he / she wants to participate in the rating.
Aworkers, in response to Workers who place employee appraisals on a 10-point scale. At this stage, all received information is stored in the Mongo DB database.
Stack technology and top-level architecture
The application is built on the basis of the Ethereum platform and protocol for the distributed storage of IPFS files. Data about transactions, made in the platform, are stored in blockchain.
Based on registered technology, the implementation of business-logic layer (domain logic layer) is built: intelligent contract interaction, frontend, file storage management system, etc
The Aworker platform provides interaction opportunities between APIs and resources such as Indeed, Monster, etc. It is necessary to uniquely identify platform users through accounts on professional social networks, in addition to incorporating existing site capabilities with the Aworker platform.
For the realization of the platform and to use the following services and technologies:
Ethereum  a platform for making decentralized applications, based on blockchain technology. This platform o ff ers the possibility of implementing smart contract on Turing-Completed static Solidity typed language. For the Aworker platform, community blockchain Ethereum will be used.
IPFS is a protocol for the storage of distributed files. The system makes it possible to store user documents, which confirm their skills and achievements, not on the central service, but in distributed storage.
Civic is a platform for verifying the decentralization of user personalities on the Internet. This will avoid duplicate invalid accounts in the Aworker platform and accounts created to implement fraudulent schemes.
Solidity is a high-level language for writing smart contracts and executing them in Ethereum virtual machines. All contracts from the Aworker platform will be implemented with the help of the Solidity language.
FFL e Tru is a framework for developing and testing smart contracts.
NodeJS is an event-oriented programming language meant for writing backend.
Web3js — is the API to work with the Ethereum-blockchain network.
Roadmap Development Product
Stage 1: Aworker Alpha. Disconnection of private cabinet users
Stage 2: Develop personal account for company and Marketplace Job
Stage 3: Integration into blockchain and audit security, Verification Skills
Stage 4: Development of Ethereum Ranking based on blockchain
Stage 5: Development of the company’s advertising cabinet
Stage 6: Development of enterprise applications
Stage 7: Development of Aworker APIs and mobile apps
Stage 8: Development of a recommendation system.
Market Analysis and Aworker Business Model
By 2016 the number of working people in the world is 3.26 billion people according to a report from the International Labor Organization (ILO). In 2017 LinkedIn is claimed to have approximately 467 million registered users. LinkedIn users potential Aworker users. The market volume of FFI sta sta by Analyst Sta FFI ng Industry is $ 429 billion. The average cost of replacing one specialist in the United States is about $ 8000.
Applications for employees :
Will make the job search easier and choose the most appropriate company;
Will build the reputation of a trusted employee;
Will provide an opportunity to increase rewards;
Will advise every employee on the more efficient development e FFI (on behavioral and performance analysis);
Will provide an opportunity to buy products partnered with big discounts.
Application for company :
Will provide access to a reliable database of employees (rating, verified skills, professional competence assessment, feedback);
Will automate routine work while renting;
It will be possible to find new employees in the app.
Sell Token
The token Aworker Sales (WORK) to support and develop the Aworker ecosystem will be done with the help of smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain. Participants who wish to support this project will be able to purchase a WORK token for ETH. The number of work tokens is limited.
Sales of the WORK token will last for 4 sales signs: Pre-ICO: Token Sale # 1, Token Sale # 2, Token Sale # 3. ICO: Token Sale # 4.
Publish and sell the EMPLOYEES token will be done using the Ethereum smart contract.
Participants who wish to support the Aworker project development will be able to send ETH to the address listed on the website or in the official FFI project group.
Currency received: ETH, BTC.
Team member tokens will be blocked for 1 year on the Ethereum smart contract.
Limited number of tokens available (Hard Cap). If the token sale will reach this limit, the token release will be stopped. Hard Cap is equal to 24,770 ETH.
Token Sale # 4 will last 31 days, if previously not achieved hard Cap.
Tokens that will not be sold in token sales, will be automatically burned.
Token purchased at all stages, will be available to contributors through 2 weeks after the end of Token Sale # 4.
Token Awoker Distribution

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