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Aworker_Platform Blockchain For Recruitment Industry; Aworker could be an enlisting platform supported Blockchain technology. This platform has been created to disrupt Associate in the Nursing existing enlisting market that includes a volume of $ 429 billion by 2016. Aworker can facilitate folks realize jobs well through the utilization of Blocklet Etereum and its WORK tokens. additionally, this can facilitate corporations realize appropriate candidates to fill vacant job positions.
Organizations are going to be equipped with applications to recruit and communicate with candidates. Vacancies will be created within the company by the human resources manager through the utilization of sensible contracts. sensible contracts also are accustomed verify necessary data concerning candidates at intervals the Blockchain network.
The time unit manager will check on completed competencies, skills and comes. The platform needs to make an area wherever folks receive awards for his or her achievements, abilities, and skills within the work. the utilization of Blockchain can provide a lot of reliable details concerning candidates, that area unit presently not on the market in ancient corporations.
Decentralization offers a good chance to make a brand new atmosphere. Now, everybody will produce a reliable worker name with simply some clicks. If you wish to grasp a lot of.
To this day, there are three major difficulties in recruiting for business:
  1. It is difficult to hire good employees. There are two reasons for this: it’s hard to find it and it’s impossible to judge them properly
  2. The high cost of recruitment. The average cost for hiring new employees for middle-level jobs is about $ 8,000.
  3. Complications of candidate assessment. It is not always possible to evaluate the applicant’s professionalism because the data is unreliable. One can write on a resume and tell in an interview about himself whatever he wants.
Common issues for job seekers:
  1. Seeking challenging jobs because of high competition. Even exceptional talented specialists sometimes get no offers because of the number of CVs that recruiters receive.
  2. The company uses data about the professional skills of the community for free. People are not paid for the information they share on social networks, such as LinkedIn or Facebook.
Aworker was created to help:
  1. People get jobs faster and with better conditions
  2. The company hires the best candidates and reduces the cost per hire
Aworker uses Blockchain technology to create:
  1. P2P platform for personnel recruitment. With the power of smart contracts, it is possible to change the rules of recruitment, when others recommend candidates and all critical stage participants receive prizes.
  2. Reputation system, which will prove specialist qualifications.
This Aworker solution.
Awoker creates a redistributed and reliable resolution for workers and corporations supported the Ethereum blockade with good contracts. Our solutions include job market, skills verification, and freelance assessment. workers get the chance to seek out work and earn cash in their networks, skills and skilled accomplishments. firms gain access to redistributed rankings and verified skills through good contracts.
The purpose of this Aworker
  1. Creating a global decentralized ecosystem for companies For workers, and, will help find employees who have the professionalism and recommend friends for the correct open positions.
  2. Create a universal decentralization in employee appraisal and reputation for the whole world.
  3. Create the simplest and most reliable tool to verify the reputation of multiple matches.
  4. It allows people to earn money for the skills they have in motivating in addition to their own development («enhancing professional skills»).
  5. Create a decentralized ecosystem that will provide additional manpower and motivation for development.
  6. Allowing an employee to be the best in the professional field.
  7. To introduce the advantages of smart contracts Ethereal for the real world. This aworker user has four types
How does it work?
The aworker are going to be able to receive wages for recommendations whenever he or she becomes at home with employment at the corporate. the full method is going to be hospitable workers, and he can perpetually be able to see the achievement section. during this case, the candidate search method becomes P2P, once different network users hunt for an honest candidate for the corporate and suggest it.
Prize awards among participants of the recruitment process at Aworker are distributed:
50% got people who recommended the best candidates
20% get the best candidates the company chooses
10% accept those who recommend people who come for the interview
10% get people who come for an interview
10% got Aworker platform
What can be verified An employee can confirm two types of data:
skills that prove the value of employees and ultimately may be of interest to the company. For example, foreign language knowledge, advanced training courses, knowledge of professional tools and programming languages, etc. Skill tests are conducted using supporting documents (certificates, videos, etc.) and the voice of the community. Work experience and education. The company that the employee used to work for, and the projects he used to get involved in that. This is another chance to receive a reward. Decentralized Verification System Skills
By using the Verification Skill, employees will be able to:
Receive a reward for their proven abilities.
  • Increase their competence in the eyes of HR managers.
  • Using a Building Decentralization Reputation that will confirm a person’s real ability on a global scale.
Aworker will make a transparent verification system has credibility between companies. It will be decentralized, universal, transparent, and will offer employees the right skills for the job.
Sales Token
The Aworker Sales token (WORK) to support and develop the Aworker ecosystem will be done with the help of smart contracts on the Ethereal block. Participants who wish to support this project will be able to purchase WORTH tokens for ET. The number of work tokens is limited.
Sales of work tokens will last for 4 sales alerts: Pre-ICO: Sales of token stage 1, Token token sales 2, Token token sales 3. Token sales stage 4.
  • Publish and sell EMPLOYEE token will be done using the smart contract of Ethereum ERC20
  • Participants who wish to support the Aworker project development will be able to send ETH to the address listed on the website or in the official FFI project group.
  • Currency received: ETH, BTC.
  • Token team members will be blocked for 1 year with a smart contract Ethereum.
  • A limited number of tokens available (Hard Cap). If the token sale will reach this limit, the token release will be stopped. HardCap equals 24,770 ETH.
  • Token Sale # 4 will last 31 days, if previously not reached HARD CAP
  • Tokens that will not be sold in the token sales, the rest of the automatic tokens will be burned.
  • Token purchased at all stages, will be available to contributors through 2 weeks after the end of the 4th stage token sale
Investment Info
Receive ETH, BTC
Token Info
Token name: WORK
Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Token Price 1WORK: 0.0004158ETH
Token Count: 213,778,675
Aworker Tokens Distribution

Allocation of Funds
The funds received at the token sale will be distributed according to the table below. The sale of Tokens is carried out to ensure the development and promotion of the project.

More Info:
url btc;u=2303929

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