Nowadays, traditional advertising models do not fully satisfy the current needs of a potential advertiser. Blockchain technologies represent an exceptional solution to this problem, and the new concept creates marketers from consumers, and it generates revenue from advertising / marketing peer-to-peer networks through a bonus system and referral systems called blockchain. Because of the specific nature of the compulsory rules of blockchain advertising turns into a large transparent field. Accreditation of the reward system gives additional incentives and ideas for participation in peer-to-peer advertising, so it becomes one of the main drivers for improving campaigns.

B2AND is a result-oriented cloud-based online platform which provides easy-to-use and scalable services through viral marketing via marketing campaigns in an innovative and extremely effective way.

One of the most significant advantages of B2AND platform is the freedom for advertisers to create and launch their campaigns anytime they see fit, establish rewards with the B2AND token, without integration or development requirements and run these campaigns independently or along with their other marketing channels, e.g. such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Besides the reward role of B2AND token, they are also used as payment for B2AND campaigns.


The Advertiser’s Side

There can be only one advertiser for a campaign. Advertisers receive a one-time free trial pack in a campaign for two weeks. The packages include adding up to five e-mail accounts as the first level in a campaign. If you promote your campaign after a two-week free trial period, they can turn a test campaign into a standard campaign. Conversions do not incur the cost of initiating a campaign. However, after completing the trial, only standard fees will be charged if the campaign is running. Sending messages for testing to the advertiser’s email account is unlimited before starting an ad campaign.

Consumer’s Side

Consumers have the opportunity to participate in any campaign without having to register on the B2AND platform.

Once registered on the B2AND platform, consumers can:

• Save or import their referral network contacts from sources such as Gmail;

• invite selected contacts directly to participate in marketing campaigns;

• View gift statistics from your referral network.

• Subscribe to campaigns based on personal interests.

There are two levels of rewards:

  1. Click Hotlink – The customer clicks the hotlink in the campaign message.
  2. Click Hotlink with the referenced contact – if the contact you refer to the campaign reaches the hotlink


Current 1st generation B2AND platform is using e-mail, as it is built as proof-of-concept platform and it is cost effective delivery channel. One of the reason to apply the new model is that advertisers are often finding it challenging what to offer as rewards and have asked universal reward option that could be used globally to reward consumers and B2C is perfect answer for that. After the B2AND platform decentralization, we will use mobile app, which is integrated with wallet to hold rewards.

2nd generation B2AND platform will have B2AND token as payment and rewards method. B2AND wallet is created, where B2AND tokens can be hold.

3rd generation B2AND will introduce mobile app, which is to be used to distribute B2AND campaign via mobile push messages, instead of current email. Mobile app will also support B2AND wallet. Moreover, B2AND API is introduced, which enables advertisers to create and distribute B2AND campaigns also by using third-party front end providers. In addition, Ethereum Smart Contract is introduced for the B2AND campaigns to be written to Ethereum blockchain upon creation and activation, which makes the information (advertiser, content, rewards,time frame, etc.) on the campaigns publicly available.

4th generation B2AND platform will have another token for campaign tracking purposes, which token would have no commercial value. These tracking tokens will not affect the value of the B2AND tokens. Using Ethereum based ERC20 tokens for tracking purposes leads to unreasonably high costs because of the high transaction fees. Moreover, current Ethereum system is not fast enough for actions requiring instant confirmation required for our campaign tracking needs. Thus, we will issue another token devoted specifically to campaign tracking which will record the tracking information to blockchain. Potentially a private blockchain will be introduced for this purpose.


B2AND token is an ERC-20 standard token deployed on Ethereum blockchain. B2AND token (B2C) roles are:

  • payment, i.e. in the future all B2AND campaigns are to be paid with B2Cs
  • rewards, i.e. in the future all campaigns are offering B2Cs as rewards. Additionally, advertiser may also consider to offer other type of reward against B2C, if they wish so.

Consumers are not required to make any kind of payments in order to participate in any B2AND campaigns. By participating in campaigns and making referrals, consumers receive B2Cs from local and global advertisers.


Date: Start on April 23 and will last until May 22, 2018

Name of the token – B2C

Type of the token: ERC-20

Total token issuance: 100.000.000 B2C

Number of tokens offered on Token Sale: 65.000.000 (65%) B2C

The price of the token: 1 ETH = 5,000 B2C

Soft cap: 1,000 ETH

Hard cap: 10,000 ETH

Minimum transaction: 0.1 ETH

Maximum transaction: 4,000 ETH

Acceptable currencies: ETH


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