BABB — Bank Account Based Blockchain

The online technologies providing transparency of the market allow choosing the most favorable services which are most conforming to requirements of the client. BABB ’s will help us to overcome a gap between the real world and the world online, on the fact that he works irrespective of the inherited banking system.
BABB’s is building decentralized banking platform that leverages blockchain, AI, and biometrics technologies to offer anyone in the world access to a UK bank account for peer-to-peer financial services. The platform suits everyone, beginning with freelancers, to global corporations. The integrated BABB’s payment service provider, uses the social communication for transactions, trade, innovations, release of digital currencies, granting loans or attraction of financial resources for your business.
The BABB platform will expand possibilities of microeconomics, will create new opportunities for business, will simplify our life, will improve means of livelihood of people around the world, will allow everyone to open the bank account and to use financial services.
Main advantages of the platform:
– Instant and almost free, receiving and sending fiat or cryptocurrency, to any other user of BABB worldwide, by means of a mobile app for the smartphone.
– Will simplify possibilities of exchange of any currency in fiat or crypto. You will be able directly and without intermediaries to exchange currency, what is much cheaper, quicker and much more reliably.Is registration and KYC required to follow BABB token sales?
Yes, registration and KYC are required to be eligible to enter token sales. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our platforms are reliable, transparent and regulatory. Therefore, all participants must be registered and fully KYCed.

Can I participate with a lower / higher ET number than I stated during my registration?

Yes, you can participate with a lower / higher ET number than you stated when signing up.

When and how does the token BAX be distributed to token sales participants?

Token will be released to the buyer when the token sale expires. They will be sent to the address where we received your ether.

What forms of ICO payments are available?

We only accept Ethereal payment (ET).


The BABB team is a diverse group of visionaries, covering vast experiences, knowledge and cultures from around the world.

To open a UK bank account with BABB all you need is a valid ID document such as a Passport or National ID card. Access to basic account services will also be available to those without identity documentation by merely using biometric authentication and peer-verification from someone fully identified.
We leverage blockchain technology to facilitate the movement of fiat currencies anywhere in the world instantly, cheaply and securely. Through tokenization, BABB can host any fiat currency on its platform, as well as our own native cryptocurrency, BAX.

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