Ferrum Network is the first high-speed interconnection network created for real financial applications. The DAG Network Ferrum protocol level can be associated with any cache block and allows colleagues to transact with digital assets in milliseconds with almost zero transaction costs. Vertically integrated financial programs that work in networks allow people to control their financial lives. Fiat Gateway is a fast and inexpensive platform for users who buy and sell digital currencies to earn money. Innovative technology even allows users to send currencies that are not bank intermediaries. You can imagine that by using the solution provided by the Ferrum Network, users can send bitcoin at high speed, but at a lower cost or to send digital assets to other people without intermediaries. All of this can become a reality thanks to the Ferrum Network.
Who will think about how our world will grow from 10 to 20 and 30 years ago? Previously, we did not know that most of our daily life was blockechin technology, with some normal phenomena such as the Internet, cellular and cellular communications, telephones and smartphones, and many derivatives. Initially, when blockchin technology was still in its infancy, I don’t think Satoshi Nakamoto can predict coin chain reactions that will occur throughout the world. 10 years ago there was only one Bitcoin cryptocalytic in the world, and now there are more than 2000.

However, despite all these dynamic developments, people still experience a number of difficulties in their work, and they are practical tools to use. Of course, many experts develop a large number of different subsystems to solve existing problems, but experience shows that they are still at the origin stage. However, slowly, but humans will come to their initial condition or later. The project we are talking about today is called ‘FERRUM NETWORK’.

About the project

Its main task is to ensure that all lost money is interrelated. By doing the best of these features, we offer the fastest translation and minimum payment. 
The project itself has a task database and a centralized solution for all platform exchanges between all encrypted currencies in the world. If we talk about simple words about the FERRUM NETWORK project, FERRUM offers high-speed, risk-free cryptocal trading, supported by a friendly environment of blockers and default AI assistants.


Innovative technology built for high-speed peer-to-peer transactions from every digital asset is the backbone of Ferrum Network and its products.

DAG ledger

Decentralized ledgers are similar to blockchain but are designed for fast transactions, minimal network costs and no miners

Interoperability Network

Innovating in cross-chain solutions, Ferrum can operate with any blockchain / network

Decentralized Proxy Tokens

Decentralized proxy tokens with guaranteed stability allow the exchange / transaction of any digital assets, including digital fiat

High Frequency Trading

Native support for moving assets outside the chain and conducting high frequency trading and transactions for nominal fees


As you already understand, FERRUM NETWORK will be a kind of trade, where customers tend to quickly overcome their profits by buying and throwing coins into other coins, no matter what blockchain they do. All FERRUM installed doors are designed to provide the most amazing prices at the lowest cost. Therefore, it will stimulate all highly efficient cryptographic decentralization trade throughout the world.

Advantages and features

As understood by the FERRUM NETWORK, it will be a kind of exchange where users can quickly manage their assets by selling and selling their money, regardless of what they make. All FERRUM payment networks are designed to provide at least the highest possible speed. This, in turn, will lead to more efficient centralized exchanges in the cryptographic world. 
To complete the FERRUM exchange, UniFyre will be equipped with a wallet division, with the technical indicators being one of the most reliable and best hardware wallets today.
Also, FERRUM NETWORK developers intend to use their internal confidentiality in blockbusters to improve the reliability and security of all exchange processes. The whole process aims to eliminate fraudulent activities from the participants. All transactions will run as quickly as possible, so there will be no difficulties and impressions for the user.


As I wrote earlier, internal FRM hard drives will be available, which will allow you to do all the lowest-cost operations and the most reliable way to do all types of cryptocurrency transactions in FERRUM NETWORK. It is important to note that FRM conversion will also be available for digital currencies and Fiat. Using FRM is convenient and accessible.


Screenshot of 2019-04-26 16_21_41.png


Screenshot of 2019-04-26 16_19_57.png


Screenshot of 2019-04-26 16_18_14.png

Of course, to evaluate all the benefits of the FERRUM NETWORK, you need to familiarize yourself with the practice, because the entire value of this project is just a practical application. In general, I think this concept is very interesting and technically, because it includes all the functions and technological tools needed in the daily lives of millions of blockhouse market users.

For more advanced FERRUM NETWORK analysis, I suggest you learn the technical documentation presented in the white paper and to connect all questions with the development team. To do this, I have prepared all the resources that we can find today. 
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