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About Technology.

Do you know about Cold Transmutation technology?

Perhaps very rarely heard, SYNTESTECH uses this technology to convert certain chemical elements into more valuable and scarce objects, without using enormous energy impacts. For example, transformation of tungsten – into platinum.

We’ve done a lot of experiments and received amazing results – we learned to turn elements into other elements. However, his research has not been completed. The next step is technological operation from experiment to industry level.

What is LENR technology?

The Low Energy Nuclear Reactor (LENR) is the transformation (transmutation) of chemical elements to other objects in the natural environment where large energy forces for atoms can not be used. Nuclear Low Energy Transistor (LENR) is a transformation. chemical elements. The cheap element becomes a valuable item.

This is the possibility of platinum metals and other valuable elements, including gold, from cheap materials to artificial tools. Here are some advantages of LENR technology:
Low Cost Prime. The cost of synthesis is carried out by platinum-platinum cold transmutation, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, etc. and, if possible, gold, can be 2-3 times cheaper using traditional methods.
Stable elements Elements resulting from stable cold transmutation.
High energy potential. Elements obtained with cold transmutation, may have increased energy potential, and they can transmit this potential in the form of microelements, entering into chemical reactions in the human body.
What we need for research

To transform the knowledge that has been developed into industrial technology, we need a modern laboratory complex, a laboratory for refining and separating substances, platforms with processing complexes for the production of Cold Transmission reactors. In this laboratory quite a lot of experiments and tests to be performed. We will do 10,000 tests to decipher industrial technology. Several models of dozen models of Cold Transmutation reactors will be created. After the end of the research phase, we will move on to commercialization and access to international markets.

Invest in stocks

We welcome partners and investors to join the Initial Coin Offering laboratory (hereafter – ICO). During this event, at

The Ethereal Platform, Synthestech will show the token that will be offered to a wide variety

investors as a substitute for bitcoin and ether

Token Sale Details
The sales token is held by the Swiss Sotero Isotope company, in Switzerland, in Canton of Geneva. The commercial name of this project is “Synthestech” Token Name: Synthestech Token (Ticker STT).

The total token emissions during the Token sale event are 18,000,000 STT tokens. All these tokens provide 36% profit. Payment to the token holder will be done automatically, to the Ethereal wallet address they use at the time of payment, at the current Cryptocurrency exchange rate from Ethereal to US Dollar.

The price of one token STT = $ 1

Unsold quotas will be supported by Publisher and will be sold later.

Private sales – special offers
Pre_ICO stage + 25% bonus
The ICO bonus will be announced as well

To join ICO =>

Achieving a definite goal
Personal Sales & Pre-ICO
December 2017 – January 2018
February 2018
Construction Kick-start
April – June 2018
Mastering Technology
June 2018 – June 2019
– December 2019
Revenue from investment on
January 2020
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