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In Lynked.World we picture and then prepare for a fresh age of this virtual universe, adopting block-chain technologies whilst the main car for credibility and trust to experience, to affirm and shield electronic identities, including documents and data. From the act, we will throw sight on brand new horizons for several types of software to be built in our eco-system fixing day-in-life problems, even though making the most of those many benefits which block-chain technologies supply. We’ve got a mission to drift brand new paths by detaching the essential limitations round dependability and also providing an advanced application stage for its second jump forwards towards Internet 3.0.


In Lynked.World we have been prompted to donate into this next variation of this digital era (Internet 3.0) by having an ecosystem to exploit the advantages that budding software constructed on block-chain platforms give.

Our intention would be to supply a multi-faceted solution containing a whole app platform depending on the blockchain. This may enable companies to construct customized kinds and software to successfully cater with their own very own specific wants for giving distinct companies to shoppers, without the need to become worried with the validity of their electronic identities of different entities included and also the documents and data shared with these entities. The travel doesn’t end. In addition, we offer de-centralized software prepared to be employed by buyers and organizations alike throughout unique domain names for fixing topics associated with digital info validity.

Our Ecosystem comprises the following components in various stages of development:

– Digital Identity and Background Verification Platform

– Digital Wallet for sharing identity and documents that are verifiable on the block-


– Application Development Platform with easy to use configurable forms

– Verified and Trusted Professional Network

– Job Portal

Digital Wallet

Lynked.World electronic wallet can be a feature providing of the app portfolio, and this intends to displace conventional techniques of experiencing to take real documents in-person making it feasible to put away and share electronic records conveniently and securely.

Utilizing our electronic Wallet, digital duplicates of most your private identification along with different records e.g. Passport, Driver License, medical documents, Traveling Passes etc.-can be safely stored on your cell apparatus and certainly will be distributed to different parties with all QR codes, even on-demand along together with your approval and consent. Other than your storage of electronic documents the pocket also enables difficulty, affirmation of the records from the issuing government onto the block-chain; all over the simplicity and also distance in precisely the exact same app.

LYNK Token

Even the”LYNK” token can be an ERC-20 conventional token assembled in the Ethereum system. LYNK tokens are also tradeable on cryptocurrency trades in the due plan of time.

“LYNK” Teams will probably be properly used for transport of”worth” for virtually any providers presented and availed for on the Lynked.World program stage. They behave because the moderate of reimbursement for that transport of”price” involving your participants at the ecosystem to get performing a variety of trades, as an instance, associated with this identification and endorsement of consumer info and therefore forth.

The token transfers and balances will probably be monitored by Lynked.World. Within the instance of some untoward, sudden and unwelcome episode, for example as for instance token theft, agreement endanger, or even some bothering reversal of Ethereum protocol,” Lynked.World might choose to suspend nominal transports and concern a brand new token agreement together with accounts replacing the initial nominal registry with a way of a sure day. Within the instance of an Ethereum fork, then Lynked.World will precisely announce that division it takes encourage.

Token Issue and Distribution

The total number of LYNK tokens that can ever be issued is 500,000,000 (500 million). The initial issue of tokens will be 200,000,000 (150 million offered during the token sale) of the total available tokens. In order to ensure organic growth of the platform and to make sure that LYNK tokens are generated in a fair and transparent way, new LYNK tokens after the initial issue of 200,000,000 can only be generated from the reserves based on redemption of Lynk Boost Dollars into LYNK (see Lynked.World User Rewards system for more details). This ensures that there is no oversupply of LYNK tokens and they are introduced into the ecosystem only as the adoption of the platform grows with time. The total amount of tokens which can ONLY be generated based on the adoption of the platform via our Community Rewards program is 300,000,000 (300 million).

Once the total number of LYNK tokens issued reaches 500,000,000 the company will initiate buyback programs to purchase LYNK tokens from the open market to be able to continue with the “User Rewards System” ensuring continued growth and adoption of the ecosystem.

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