BBGC Officially Launched a New Game i.e. ”Token Planet War” on 14 June, 2019

The organizer of BigBang Games, referred to as BBGC, is operated and managed by the BBGC Foundation. BBGC is all set to Launch their new Game i.e. “Token Planet War”.
The technology research and development department has been developing and testing for three months. The new game “Token Planet War” was officially launched at 16 o’clock on June 14, 2019.
“Token Planet War” is a fun casual dodge shooting game. You can use your own token to load a spaceship to fight against a variety of token-carrying planets. Players can get the corresponding tokens by breaking the planet. The bullets of each game are determined by the value of the tokens invested by the player. The number of planets per planet and the value of the tokens carried by the planet are 10 times the value of the bullets. In the game, the spaceship is hit by the planet, or the bullet is finished. This game is over.

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