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Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Blockchain Media Group, and for more details, let’s just go to the following discussion:


This concept is especially true in digital advertising. If you don’t have your targeting laser-focused, you’re going to bleed money by advertising to people who just don’t care. It won’t matter how witty your ad copy is, how gorgeous your video is, how awesome your images are, or how perfect your landing page is. You need to get it right and by so doing you need the right fit in today’s competitive environment. When you are aware of what time your audience is most likely to read tweets and Facebook posts, you would design your social media marketing around that. If you knew their problems and issues, you would give them solutions. This would make you an authority.

About Blockchain Media Group :

The purpose of the Blockchain Media Group is to provide you with cheap and objective educational material about the world of Blockchain. BCMG One will be placed on television, radio stations and other platforms. BCMG has decided that the best way to deal with common problems is to create your own media network and to make BCMG tokens the most important way to pay for advertisements and media services.

Too many blockchain news providers are biased and provide information that is intended to encourage readers / viewers in a certain direction. From time to time this can make your own research a challenge. This news provider also asks exorbitant fees for publishing articles, and this is not objective or fair.

BCMG believes that this has created a media ecosystem that supports only one demographic project and a small community to become the first victim. It is hard to get news about a new project if you have to pay for every piece of media that you try to transfer. In the Blockchain Media Group, we want to be a solution for a growing problem in the blockchain sector.

Token sale information:

Title: Blockchain Media Group

Symbol: BCMG

Type: ERC20

Platform: Ephyrium

Public sales: 45%, 9,000

Private sales tokens : 10% 2,000,000

Content Download Tokens : 20% 4,000,000

Budget Gift Tokens : 5% 1,000 . 000

Team Token and Development: 10% 2 000 000

Sales Bonus Tokens : 10% 2000000 Token

START SALE: June 20, 2019

END OF TIME: August 1, 2019


STAGE 1 TOKEN COST: .10 cents (USD) per token

PERIOD: June 20, 2019 -4 July, 2019

STAGE 2 COST OF TOKEN: .15 cents (USD) per token

PERIOD: July 5, 2019 — July 18, 2019

STAGE 3 COST OF TOKEN: .20 cents (USD) per token

PERIOD: July 19, 2019 — August 1, 2019

How can I participate?

You can buy BCMG tokens by visiting https://blockchainmedia.group .

We provide an easy-to-use platform that will make the purchase of BCMG tokens as simple and easy as possible.


1 BCMG = $0.1 — $0.15 — $0.2

KYC ! (Except Japan & Phillippines)

Bounty Week 1 = 20.06–26.06 17:59 UTC +0
Bounty Week 2 = 27.06–03.07 17:59 UTC +0

Allocation :
Media Campaign: 5% = 40.000
Telegram : 10% = 80.000
Twitter : 15% = 120.000
Blog/Article : 15% = 120.000
Youtube : 20% = 160.000
Translation : 20% = 160.000
Signature : 15% = 120.000

Rules :

  1. Join Telegram group here : Here
    2.Write a post in ANN: Here
    3. Each Participant should join the official https://twitter.com/BCMediaToken
    4. Reply in this thread in correct format as :

5. Fill the form here : Here

Rules :

1. Join Telegram group here : Here
2. Each participant must post at least 7 replies per week in the group. General spam comments like “Hi”, “Hello”, etc. will not be counted.
3. DO NOT Write about bounty or Airdrop in the Main Group. Doing so would result in instant ban from campaign.
4. For bounty related queries, visit here : Here
5. Reply in this thread in correct format as :

6. Fill the form here : Here
7. Spreadsheet :Here

Rules :

1. Join Telegram group here : Here
2. Each Participant should join the official https://twitter.com/BCMediaToken
3. Minimum of 100 Follower only can join the Campaign
4. Report should be 5 minimum Retweet and 1 Tweet with the #BCMG #IEO #TOKEN
5. All report must be on time or else you will get 0
6. Fill the Form: Here
7. Spreadsheet: Here

100–300 Followers = 2 Stake
301–1000 Followers = 4 Stake
1000–4000 Followers = 6 Stake
4001–10,000 Followers = 8 Stake

Followers = 10 Stake

Rules :

1. We divide all kinds of content, including articles, blog posts into 3 categories:

Excellent — 100 stakes
Very good — 50 stakes
Good — 20 stakes

2. You can use our official images, logos, graphics on our website and in the ANN thread.
3. Articles should contain at least 500 characters.
4. The article or description of the video should contain at least 1 link to our website, ANN thread. At least 1 link to your BTT profile should be indicated in the article or description of the video to prove your authorship.
5. Only 5 posts from one user are accepted on the blogging platforms, like “Medium”, “Steemit”, “Reddit”, etc.
6. Join Telegram group here : Here
7. Fill the Form:Here
8. Spreadsheet:Here

Rules :
Best Video: 500 stakes
Good Video: 300 stakes
Medium Video: 100 stakes

1. Video must be 2 minutes long.
2. Videos must include link to the official website in the description.
3. Must have your BitcoinTalk username in the description.
4. Video must be published on a crypto related YouTube channel with minimum 150 subscribers
5. Fill the Form:Here
6. Spreadsheet:Here.

We offer a reward for translating the BCMG BitcoinTalk Thread official post (including moderation local threads), Website.

Apply only if you are able to provide a high-quality translation in the requested language. Bad quality translations or Google Translate copy-paste will get you disqualified.
One person can reserve only one language.
We offer to implement one or more of the following activities in any of the 25 languages.

Use our Blockchain Media Group signature and avatar on BitcoinTalk to earn stakes. We have provided different signatures and codes for different forum ranks.

Minimum of 10 posts must be made weekly.
Posts must be at least 100 characters long.
Posts must be constructive and not re-state what other people have said.
Negative trust accounts are not allowed to participate.
If you receive a negative trust during your time in the campaign, you will be removed.
The use of alternate accounts is not allowed.
Spamming is not tolerated at any cost.
Posts in local boards, Bounty thread, off-topic, Games and Rounds, Micro Earnings and Politics and Society will not be counted.
Advertising anything else in your signature will get you removed from the campaign.

Jr. Member: 1 stake/week
Member: 3 stake/week
Full Member: 5 stakes/week
Sr. Member: 8 stakes/week
Hero Member: 12 stakes/week
Legendary Member: 15 stakes/week


The BCMG team is small but is currently also recruiting. Our team currently has the current Blockchain / Coins Developers and experienced Community Managers and Marketers.


More info:

Website: https://www.blockchainmedia.group

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5155963

Medium: https://medium.com/@groupblockchainmedia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BCMediaToken

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa0e0hHXmziQCHojoLqZtfQ

Telegram: https://t.me/BCMediaGroup

Discord: https://discord.gg/MMhdYj7Technical

White Paper: https://www.blockchainmedia.group/token/white-paper


Bitcointalk ID Name: kumar770088

Telegram: @kumar0088

Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1845151

Address wallet (eth):



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