Imagination has always allowed us to speculate about what others are thinking and feeling, immortality also curious on our mind and even to create entirely fictive lives, and we have long proved eager to recruit technology to its service. We have used art, music, books, movies, television, and now the Internet to thrust ourselves imaginatively into the places and lives of others.

And the rise of social networking has only deepened our inventive capabilities by allowing us to cast snippets of our own lives painful, sorrowful, lonely, exuberant, ordinary into the tumult, inviting others into our place as we are invited into theirs. Avatars seem to be the logical next step, taking the narrative imagination of fiction, the aesthetic imagination of cinema, and the self-styling power of social networks, and combining them into virtual worlds that seek to mimic real-world interaction.

In case you’re a Cryptocurrency trader searching for an edge you may have found out about algorithmic trading. In case you’re a moderately new trader, you may have expelled the thought as being excessively unpredictable. Here’s the uplifting news: You don’t should be a progressed or even reasonably experienced digital currency trader to create algorithmic trading techniques. On account of the presentation of amazing, yet easy to send bots, starting traders approach the points of interest offered by an algorithmic methodology.

What precisely is BCNEX?

As portrayed above and as demonstrated in the authority whitepaper of Bcnex, Bcnex is a full-administration environment for the buy, trade and exchanging of blockchain-based tokens and a wide scope of advanced resources. It is a client driven, exceptionally secure and stable exchanging stage based on a microservices design that meets the most stringent client prerequisites.

What’s more, Bcnex is a client-driven trade because of the cooperation between experienced engineers and exchanging specialists with a demonstrated reputation in mechanizing appropriation, planning superior web applications and encouraging access to the budgetary market. Sponsored by a group that has been profoundly inundated in the cryptographic money network for a considerable length of time, Bcnex is in a perfect world situated to turn into an all-around available trade for the blockchain time that is intended to compensate you, the client.

BCNEX is a digital currency trade that enables brokers to exchange at low exchanging and withdrawal charges. This is an extraordinary element actualized by BCNEX crypto-trade in which just a few or no trade have this incredible element. Having a trade with low exchanging expenses is one of the extraordinary things in the crypto-exchanging. Brokers will be glad to see BCNEX trade completely propelled on the grounds that practically every one of the dealers would need to appreciate this exchanging highlight because of what the greater part of the merchants has endured on account of other cryptographic money trade.

It is seen that crypto-brokers dependably think that it is hard to trade their advantages which this issue occurred because of confinement from the trade stage. This is one reason why BCNEX stage has presented crypto-exchanging stage which will make exchanging and exchange simpler for brokers without the requirement for outsider administrations before their crypto resources can be changed over to another cash

BCNEX stage is intended to give new clients and learner a smooth exchanging knowledge through the execution of good UI which has been inadequate in other digital currency trade stage. The stage is structured with the arrangement of rules, proposals for an amateur.

The utilization of blockchain innovation by BCNEX trade stage will make it simple to build up a cryptographic money trade free of control from exchanging bots, free of high exchange charges, free of hacks and assaults because of improved safety efforts set up. BCNEX will comprehend all versatility issue as brokers frequently experienced in the other digital money trade.

The Ecosystem

ICO Platform

Startup Incubators

Activities Info

Digital money trade

Fiat Exchange Platform

Learning Center

The Features

Protected and stable

This is a very protected exchanging stage with a microservice design that meets the most requesting needs of clients.

Bcnex has assembled a security framework over numerous dimensions from the structure a solid fire trust or utilizing disavowal of-administration assault apparatuses when something surprising occurs.

Preparing speed

Bcnex has an incredibly quick handling velocity of up to 2000,000 requests for every second.

BCOMS request coordinating framework

It is a segment of purchasing and selling orders when exchanging. This is the most significant segment of Bcnex and is worked with incredible consideration. BCOMS has low idleness and has velocities of up to 2 million exchanges for every second, this is the quickest speed today.

Stable high scattering framework

Bcnex dependably keeps up high solidness of up to 99.99%. Bcnex utilizes a microservice model, the framework is isolated into little administrations with an independent database, so that Bcnex can undoubtedly change and extend when required without influencing the entire framework.

Token and ICO Details

Bcnex works with the fundamental token named BCNX. There will be extremely 200,000,000 (two hundred million) BCNX issued and the number will never expand. BCNX is the standard token ERC223 discharged on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Information

Token Name: BCNX Token

Token Symbol: BCNX

Token Type: ERC223

Total Supply: 200,000,000 BCNX

Token Sale: 100,000,000 BCNX

Token Price: $0.15 – $0.45

Token Allocation

50% for Token Sale

38% to Team Member and Advisors

5% to Angel Investors

5% to Reserve

2% to Bounty Program

Fund Allocation

40% for Platform Development

40% for Branding and Marketing

10% to Legal and Auditing

10% to Reserve fund


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