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Blockchain technology has brought a lot of opportunities to financial markets. A decentralized technology that allows people to rescue economy from the control of few and allow people to manage their assets as they deem fit. This has led to increasing popularity of cryptocurrency as many industries, sectors, and business community has started noticing how this amazing development will revamp the ‘normal’ ways of doing things.
An essential part of cryptocurrency is an exchange where users can trade different tokens such as Bitcoins and other alt currencies. Since the purpose of exchange includes managing users’ assets, buy and sell coins etc. there is need for cryptocurrency’s exchange that is fast, secure, transparent, and have high scalability among other things. However, it has been great concern that existing cryptocurrency exchanges have not been able to provide these to customers’ satisfactions. Lucky for us, Bcnex is here, a pure cryptocurrency exchange to improve upon where other existing cryptocurrency’s exchanges are failing.

About Bcnex.

Bcnex is cryptocurrency exchange that that was created by a team of visionary and experienced team, that recognizes many lapses in the existing cryptocurrency exchanges and as such built exchange that is not only sound in grade A technology, but also with pleasant user’s experience as one of the priorities. As such, Bcnex and its team goal is to make available an exchange that is stable and intuitive enough for users while ensuring security, best and incomparable customer services, excellent technical architecture, etc. as the team behind Bcnex have in-depth knowledge and experience in world of traditional financial services and in building and operating such systems.

Why Bcnex should be your number one cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptospace has grown over the years, which has led to emerging of many cryptocurrency exchanges. However, these exchanges presents so many problem such as inadequate and weak technical architecture, lack of security, low market liquidity, unfriendly user interface among the others. These perennial problems among others are what Bcnex effectively solved.

Firstly, Bcnex and its brilliant team has put measures in place to ensure that the issue of security breach that usually plague so many cryptocurrency exchanges will not happen as the exchange is designed to the highest standard of security, which is regularly and rigorously tested in order to ensure that unauthorized access to the system and users’ accounts is not possible.

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Furthermore, because of the vast experience of the team behind Bcnex in the forex trading industry, and the fact that they have worked with, as well as operated several trading platforms for their business parttners across the world, the issue of low market liquidity that is often experienced on several existing exchange will be not be experienced on Bcnex as the exchange have high liquidity, takes its investors seriously and support them to trade on the users, friendly exchange that is Bcnex.

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Bcnex and its team believes that customers are the king and backbone of any exchange, and without these customers, any exchange will seize to exist. At Bcnex, customers are treated as king and are working overtime to ensure that any complain that customers may have such as withdrawal issues, login issues, trading issues and other issues are given adequate attention and resolve them as soon as possible.

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The team behind Bcnex are aware of fierce competition they face in crypto-world as there several exchanges around. That is the reason they have built an exchange that is not only sound technologically, but also enjoyable and pleasant users’ experiences as quality is the core value of Bcnex. Bcnex have several exciting features that will be deployed which will make the exchange number one cryptocurrency exchange in the near future. Features such as optimal wallet solution which will ensure that any asset will be stored in cold wallet free from malicious attacks that often plague other exchanges. With Bcnex, you simply can not go wrong.

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Also, with customers’ convenience at the back of their mind, Bcnex team will make their platform available across various devices such as Android app, iOS app, PCs, Web-based client and many other API interface such that users can conveniently access the platform on the go. In addition to this, Bcnex will support many languages as English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese will all be supported in contrast to many other exchanges that only one language.

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Bcnex Token Information and Public Sale

The good news for investors is that Bcnex will be releasing their own token called BCNX. The serve as huge opportunity for investors to be a part of this amazing project early as Bcnex is the next best thing that will happen in crypto-world. The total supply of BCNX token is 200,000,000 and it is an ERC233 standard token of the Ethereum blockchain.

Since the goal of Bcnex and its team is to create a blockchain-based exchange that is accessible and affordable for users, the fund generated from token sale and will help in financing platform development as well as marketing.

  • Token Symbol: BCNX
  • Token Type: ERC223
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000
  • Public Sale: 100,000,000
  • Token Price: $0.15 to $0.45
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, USDT, BCN
  • Soft Cap: $2,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $15,000,000

Token will be distributed 15 days after Token Generation Event (TGE)

BCNX tokens will be used for fees payment on Bcnex payment including but not limited to Transaction fees, Withdrawal fees, Listing fees, e.t.c. The best part is that the team of Bcnex have repurchase plan that has never been seen before.

Token Allocation

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Token Distribution

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The tokens that belong to the advisory board of Bcnex will be locked for 3 months.

If all tokens allocated for public sale are not sold, the investors will be the beneficiary as the remaining tokens will be distributed equally based on holding percentages


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Team Member

Advisors And Investors



There are several existing cryptocurrency exchange, but none done it better than Bcnex. With low transaction fees (even free), low withdrawal fees, incredible user’s experience, high liquidity, top notch security, excellent customers’ support and so on, Bcnex will be the number one cryptocurrencies exchange in no time. No reasonable investors will miss the opportunity to be a part of this great project when the public sale start in May, 2019. With the measure that Bcnex’s team have put in place, such as repurchase plan, gradual releasing of tokens that belong to development team (25% across 4 years), widespread marketing, usecase. among others, the price of BCNX can only appreciate in value and as an investors, you do not want to miss BCNX tokens for anything in the world.

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