BCNEX – Blockchain TRADING PLATFORM WITH Amazing Capabilities

A number of those evident changes and evolution have been improved trust and transparency, quick execution of transaction and some other advantages. One particular good benefit of block chain technology would be that the delegation of power on the members and users directly that means forces aren’t delegated for the central authority as we have undergone in the past. Block chain development means a lot for both the monetary businesses and the endusers that are the customers. Its use from the monetary sectors lowers the stress, bulkinessand time assigned to every task and likewise help the customers to in swift transport of trade and save lot of time to get trade for those customers and users and likewise its lowers the expense incurred on each and every transaction.

Subsequent to the launch of the world wide web, digital-currency as well as also the great block-chain tech behind it has been shown to become the upcoming major thing that could happen to human. This block-chain tech was projected to get greater influence in fiscal industry compared to any other industry at which employed. This blockchain gets got the potential and power to bring changes to the overall fiscal system in which some changes and development have been completely uncovered since its adoption in the monetary industry.

Block-chain technology can be known to disrupt any financial association or businesses afflicted by the problems cited above such as transparency, trust, high prices, slow deposit and withdrawal, insecurity and a few other individuals. These are the reasons why I’m introducing BCNEX financial project centered on blockchain network to most of my clients, crypto-lovers, dealers and all crypto users outside there. Since we’ve recognized the issues facing the economic institution, it takes a speedy solution to each of these problems if there will be any excellent development from the industry. That’s the reason BCNEX team has develop a possible approach through the adoption of block-chain technologies to enhance the whole financial industry.

BCNEX project focused around the eradication of most intermediaries from the fiscal industry. The standard banks that are for the most part centralized serve as the intermediaries and also third-parties to each and each trade conducted among associates. BCNEX market will create trust among those users and traders without the involvement of intermediaries through the use of crypto-currency because the newest trade procedure. Because the intermediaries would be removed from the platform, it’d lower the amount being spent on trade from both parties included which can be why I visit BCNEX project whilst the true thing in the economic sector.

BCNEX has developed its own token that is used from the platform as trade fees as well as different payment process.
Other region dedicated to BCNEX project is that the customer gratification that the project has guaranteed to enhance and supply the optimal/optimally satisfaction any customers can dreamt of. With the access to superior customer service end users and traders in BCNEX exchange platform would be rest assured that there was somebody out there for them in case of any enquiries or difficulties.

BCNEX exchange platform is going to be the optimal/optimally buying and selling platform for all your crypto-currency dealers as they’ve implemented several high level trading features which are better than features present in the currency dealing platform outthere. A few higher level trading tools are executed by BCNEX at the area of order arrangement, quantity of transactions per minute that is going to function as the biggest of all crypto-currency market.


Token Image: BCNX
Token Sale: 100,000,000 BCNX
Token Price: $0.15 – $0.45
Overall Supply: 200,000,000 BCNX
Token Type: ERC223
Token Name: BCNX Token

40% to Platform Improvement
50% to Token Sale
38% to Staff Member and Advisors
5% to Angel Traders
5 percent to Reserve
2% to Bounty Method

40% for Platform Development
40% for Branding and Marketing
10% to Legal and Auditing
10% to Reserve fund


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