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We will present a very interesting project.
This BCNEX project has some very big benefits for all of us. Our goal is to promote this project so that you can be interested in joining or investing. Now let’s look together with our review of this project.
The main aim of the BCNEX crypto exchange is to provide users a completely revolutionized solution to exchange digital assets and perform trading operations such as buying and selling seamlessly.
A place to buy, exchange and trade blockchain-based tokens and a wide range of digital assets in Vietnam and the rest of the world. Since 2006 when we first joined the Forex market, we have been researching and developing a number of Forex automated trading systems. In 2009, we deployed a real-time data application system to handle penny auction transactions and system order matching, and eventually to operate the trading platform for our foreign partners.
It is worth to note that BCNEX crypto exchange team has high skilled professionals who has extensive experience in cryptocurrency related works, they have the capability to provide a new ecosystem for investors, traders and crypto enthusiasts to perform crypto operations seamlessly. The team has provided many advanced tools specially designed to meet the users increasing demand, thus they will get a stable, reliable and efficient crypto trading platform.
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Design feature

The BCNEX has made solid structural design of the platform which provides stability. The team has given special importance to the security for user’s crypto funds, they have implemented all the security features to prevent hacking attacks. Because history has shown that every single flaw can lead to hacking attack which results in billion dollars of loss. Thus the BCNEX team given highest priority to the security. On the platform they have given different wallets to store crypto assets such as hot wallets and cold wallets.
The main architecture and features of the BCNEX platform are created by the collective opinions of specialists, crypto enthusiasts and feedback from users. It’s like, services created by the users to serve the users. The platform features, tools provided, user interface and services all are created and provided by the recommendations of people, which makes it an ideal crypto exchange. It is totally created to provide quality service to its clients.
Thus we can say that BCNEX exchange is developed by the people for the people, which guarantees its success. The team has given special attention to users feedback and taken special care for them.
Why do you have to use BCNEX?
Security and Stability
Bcnex is a system that is provided with high security, stability, and according to customer needs.
-Direct to User
Bcnex provides a user-friendly platform, giving them the best Web and Application experience.
  • High performance
  • Fast, fast, accurate, fast and flexible scalability to fit 2,000,000 orders per second this year
  • appreciation
  • With a strong and successful commitment to the system, it will run fast.
  • Diversified market
  • Apart from supporting various popular electronic currencies, Bcnex also continues to increase other potentials.
  • 24/7 support
  • The Bcnex support team works 24/7 to answer all questions for customers, ranging from transaction related issues to technical issues.
Register now BCNX Token
Bcnex Token is BCNX. Only 200 million (two hundred million) BCNX will be issued, approved will never increase. BCNX is the ERC223 stand released on the blockchain platform Ethereum
  • Value
  • BCNX is used to exchange, buy, sell with other blockchain products on Bcnex, and can also be used to purchase transaction costs and enjoy incentives up to 75%.
  • ERC223 standard
  • BCC was developed in accordance with ERC223 to improve security, restore tokens and bring more practical benefits to users in the Bcnex ecosystem.
  • Coin Burning Model
  • Limit preparing the system by releasing no as the Bcnex business. This will help BCNX value Overcome tokens in the market for blockchain technology trading.


As of now you have already understood the benefits of BCNEX platform, here are some more advantages of it:
– The main important factor is security, the platform has implemented all the security features and can resist hacking attacks. It does not leaks users financial details even if the whole system gets compromised;
– Secondly, the BCNEX platform can perform 2,000,000 transactions per second, which is highest amount of transactions on any of the existing crypto exchange till today. With this all the orders and transactions will be processed without delay and it gives spacial advantage for BCNEX platform over the existing exchanges;
-Thirdly, the platform is completely transparent in providing all the services and is highly flexible. And charges very less commission for users to perform trading operations;
-Forth one is user interface, the developers created simple, clear and user-friendly interface that users can completely understand the every feature and tools sections on the platform. Which attracts even novice traders;

Details about STO

The BCNEX uses its own internal token called BCNX, which is Ethereum blockchain powered ERC233 compatible token. These tokens provide access to various features of the platform and to perform every platform operation. Totally 200 million tokens are issued and out of which 100 million are available for sale. Users can purchase these tokens during STO sales. The hardcap of this project is about $15 million.

Token distribution


There is no doubt that BCNEX exchange platform will play an important role in accelerating the growth of overall crypto market. It providers solutions to the existing crypto exchange problems and accelerates crypto growth. It is worth to note that BCNEX platform features, tools and services are created from the recommendations of users and specialists which makes it an ideal crypto exchange platform. The project team is highly qualified and have practical experience which shows their capability to drive the project to success.
Now you can earn up to 85 $BCNX (~$27 USD) from our program.
Join us and together we will make #Bcnex the greatest blockchain trading platform in Vietnam and Southeast Asia!
Check it out!


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