The more we have cryptocoins coming through and becoming more accepted, the more there is a challenge to securely manage them. This is due to the various types that exist and how the market is really unstable in their values and the middlemen involved in the process right from the start in the year 2009. Any which way, people still see a need to invest and that all that matters. But it won’t be nice leaving the market and the management of cryptoassets without making proper provisions to make it better, this now serves as the ground for Velic to come in and set a new standard of cryptocoins management and control investments in them all they way.

Bcnex as a secured well built platform, users are to trade their assets without problems. This new Innovation can create all necessary tools offered to be used by Investors and create them helpful so as to spice up the activities with the cryptocoins. it’s one amongst the few innovations that believes that the approach cryptocurencies measure used will be improved by creating a lot of ascendable. This project will enhance and assist individuals to manage their assets well by creating nice helpful options as it brings them to their disposal to allow them to have ideal ride in investments. With bcnex, the whole cryptoassets are revamped and it’ll be easier to take a position in them while not having to face any drawback. This project is additionally going to bring comfortability to the approach traders operate within them and permit sensible and good trading.

Bcnex will be able to deploy the proper solutions to combat the inconsistencies within the values of assets and keep the whole system in excellent management for good. this may so boost the benefits it’s brought and create users happy regarding the new modification. nevermore can they be affected with the market instability as a result of all the setbacks are addressed such the adoption of those assets will take an honest ground all told what they might be used for in several sectors. Transactions are done through them and therefore the stability that’s wanted within the market are achieved therefore it’ll be transferral opportunities to the approach of its users and will be helpful for each of the retail or business Investors as a whole during this solid trade wherever nothing looks honest. the most effective security services will solely be derived from this platform which suggests that assets would be unbroken well for users and that they would not got to worry that in actual sense. the most effective options commerce highlights is what users can got to use during this system which suggests that they’ll be able to optimize their probabilities and therefore the approach they manage their assets. this can be thus necessary which can foster the operations within the market and therefore the instability in it such users are able to leverage on that and the way it offers them the possibility to try to do a lot with cryptocoins in it. All users portfolios are well managed and secured as they invest through Bcnex.

Bcnex quantifiability is second to known, one amongst the challenges facing cryptocurrency trades is the inability for an exchange to process vast quantity of transactions. This has been on for long however respite comes our approach with the low latency and high liquidity offered by Bcnex.

The good news now could be, Bcnex platform has the capability to pair of million transactions each second. Aside this truth, it’s high liquidity, supplying you with the peace of mind that every one transactions would be completed in period of time.

User expertise
Bcnex has the interest of its customers at heart, that is why it’s multiple languages and mobile apps for swift transaction .

The BCNX Token
The native token is employed as a tool to cut back loss attracted by the volatile market. As associate degree ERC223 token normal, the BCNX token empowers you to trade on offset dealing fees and trade on different crypto coins.

Token sale info
Ticker: BCNX
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: ERC223
Role of Token: Utility
Token Supply: two hundred million
Exchange Rate: one BCNX = $0.15 USD
Soft Cap: $ a pair of million USD
Hard Cap: $30 million USD
Mode of Payment: BCN, ETH, USDT, BTC
Country of Registration: Central American country
Not Participating: North American country and therefore the USA


This platform has incredible features to enhance people trading and transfers of cryptocurrencies (and other assets) on the platform. Take a cue today to use the impressive tools therein to enhance your cryptocurrency trades. Cheers!!!

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