BCNEX Exchange is Problem Solving in the Economic Digital Era

Hello, I am Mairiri, here I will explain BCNEX

How the economy grows, followed by how technology grows. Both of economy and technology merge become one in this era. The technology of smart contract and blockchain give a solution to the economic problem. Security and transparency are problems in the financial industry. They created a gap between digital assets and traditional class. The growing technology in this era proven by many new platforms for digital assets. Those platforms consist of two:

  1. Pure Cryptocurrency and digital asset
  2. Fiat exchange

This article is about BCNEX, it is included in the group of number one, pure cryptocurrency and digital assets. The team of BCNEX focuses on it. Even though that kind of platform is very small, and still process to develop. BCNEX offers the user advance trading method, good audited security standard, clear regulation, and good customer service.

Although digital economy grows fastly, the problem is still come out. First is about customer service. Many exchange platforms have poor customer service, this factor is important. Almost a half from the total of customer stop to sell or buy the product because they have a bad experience with the customer service. That is one of them complain related to exchange platform. They feel difficult in the log in issues, disappearing documentation, and support ticket.

Based on the problem above, BCNEX has priority to give the best service for their user, because good service quality is the value for this platform. The team of BCNEX is always ready to solve all customer problem. The big improvement of the platform is in customer support. BCNEX have a purpose to produce a stable environment for user and trader. BCNEX supported by an expert team in financial service.

Another important problem which is often disturbing user is about liquidity. Exchange platform has to create high liquidity and support investor to do some transaction like buy, sell, and trade. Almost all trading platform does not have a good plan for the financial result. In this case, the user will difficult to do the transaction. BCNEX team have the experience of client support for liquidity management. BCNEX works for several trading platforms as a business platform and a number of partners in industry. That cooperation is the key to solid investment opportunity for the customer to build or rebuild in the exchange model.

The other problem is about security. There is a data shows that many users close their exchange account because of a hacker. Two years ago, 882$ million loss. For this problem, BCNEX with high standard security. It always checks to avoid criminal access in the BCNEX platform. BCNEX have a good server for some threats like website defacement, social engineering, and malware. BCNX token is the name of the token in BCNX platform. BCNX token is ERC223 token type. Total supply of this token is 200.000.000 and sale to public 100.000.000. some currency is accepted like BCN, ETH, BTC, and USDT. So, it has already clear that BCNX is the solution for all problem in the exchange network. That’s an argument based on the explanation above about the problem and solution from BCNX platform. There are also some gifts like discount and rewards in the BCNX platform.

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