A wonderful morning to you all Steemians, its time for another exciting review of bcnex exchange platform, just as you all are aware that I just don’t make reviews on shitty projects on my blog, Bcnex exchange is also here to make a justification to that.

Quickly before I proceed, I will like to highlight some major problems that are endemic on most circulating cryptocurrency exchanges;

  • Problem of incompetent security system that leaves users funds at the risk of being loss
  • Unreliable support system to assist users with problems
  • Complex user interface that makes trading difficult for newbies
  • Extremely high transaction charges
  • Lack of liquidity
  • Vague order books
  • Fake trading volume that misleads traders, etc.

Having carefully studied these problems, Bcnex team has stood up against all odds to provide an absolutely comfortable and reliable platform to accommodate all traders via its platform.

BCNEX: The Ultimate Solution for all Crypto Traders

BCNEX is a blockchain based platform developed professional and experienced developers in the financial sector in order to create an advanced order matching system hat stores and buys sell orders in high performance queues with high data integrity that won’t allow any form of data loss.

This order matching system named BCOMS is characterised by low latency and flexible scalability that can process up to 2,000,000 orders per seconds. You will agree with me that this will absolutely be among the fastest exchange platform in existence.

If you carefully study the whitepaper and website of BCNEX platform then you definitely not need be told that cryptocurrency trading is just about to take a whole new dimension as the platform was built just to the taste of all traders.

Listed below are some of the exciting features also present on the platform;

  • Excellent customer support system
  • Partnership with competent partners which ensures excellent liquidity
  • Highly scalable system built on micro-services architecture
  • Multi-layer security measures which ensures safety of users funds including robust firewalls, multiple users alerts and anti-DoS tools.
  • Anonymous automatic order matching mechanism
  • Multiple language support
  • Excellent and user-friendly interface

The major coins which bcnex will make transaction pairs with includes btc, eth, usdt and bcnx. Furthermore, bcnex will support trading, sale and purchase of several fiat currencies like; CHF, JPY, USD, and VND with several others to be added later.

When I said earlier that BCNEX has been created just to meet up with the standard that traders have been craving for, I wasn’t joking and as such, the platform will make the exchange services available on web-based client, PCs (Windows), Android app, mobile HTML5 client, iOS app and REST API interface.

For the purpose of financing the platform, Bcnex has planned an initial coin offering of BCNX tokens till 100,000,000 tokens are sold out. The team have also planned a token buyback and burn programme which will be conducted every quarter until 50% of the total supply have been completely burnt.

Highlighted below are the details of the token and ICO;

  • Token name: BCNX token
  • Token Symbol: BCNX
  • Token Price: $0.15 – 0.45
  • Soft Cap: $2,000,000
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000
  • Token Type: ERC-223
  • Hard Cap: $15,000,000
    Conclusively, this platform is targeted at simplifying cryptocurrency trading for all traders and making it mainstream, therefore, I’ll suggest you check out the platform and make your own enquiries in order not t miss out on this big project.

Please check the links below for more information;
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