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•Excecutive Summary

Dear our article fellow of Bcnex, Before I tell you more details about this project, let me tell you a little about bitcoin travel and the world of cryptocurrency. Since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2008, which was introduced by the genius Satoshi Nakamoto, at that time efforts were made to implement blockchain technology in various aspects of business globally, and it has been proven that the existence of Blockchain technology will offer a lot of low costs for all transactions in industrial activities, immortality, and the existence of a security guarantee process. Blockhain technology is growing, and is tailored to the needs of each user’s community. And along with the passage of time and increasingly sophisticated technological developments, public knowledge about cryptocurrency, which is an important need in our daily lives is getting higher. And people have understood and accepted the importance of Bitcoin today. Bitcoin will continue to innovate and continue to grow with anymore, why is that ?? because now a lot of new projects have been born in the field of cryptocurrency. this project also has the same good quality …

OK … this project I named Bcnex Trading Platform. How do you think?


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Bcnex is a trading platform that provides a path to success for you. As I explained earlier in the article, Bcnex is an amazing platform that will give you a way to success. Why is that ?? because Bcnex is a trading platform that has high accreditation and is supported by highly sophisticated technology in providing services to its users. And besides that Bcnex is a trading platform that is supported by a team of teams who have high enthusiasm and love of the world of cryptocurrency for the purpose of improving and developing platforms to be more advanced and shining in the future. Bcnex is the best way and the right choice for you to do current trade and exchange transactions.

•Token Used

Get the Bcnex Token immediately by joining the ongoing TokeSale event. And by using the ERC20 Standard Token, this token will be able to meet all your trading needs and requirements. How can it be ?? Because Bcnex tokens are tokens that have various functions. And it all depends on the needs of each user, of course. And of course using this token will make it easier to make transactions, either as a purchase transaction or as a sales transaction. And by using the Ethereum wallet, this will make it easier for users to access.

oh yes, this is information for Bcnex token holders that are obtained at Earn Tokens, can swap …

🔥BCNX Token Swap Event

(from June 09, 2019 to June 30, 2019)

1. You can swap BCNX received from Earn Program for XRP (Top 3 CoinMarketCap) with ratio 1:1 (1 BCNX=1 XRP)

Ex: you have 100 BCNX tokens received from Earn Program, you will be able to convert them into 100 XRP.

Swap here:

2. Earn Program will be closed after 3 days from this announcement to prepare for the swap event and other upcoming events.


•Customer come First

Get the first experience and customers by visiting this option pLatfom. Because with you joining this Platform, it’s certain that you have become part of this great community. Feel the best service that will be provided by the Platform to meet your trading needs. Supported by a professional team, Bcnex will always provide the best service to its users who are members of this large community.

•The Goal

Bcnex is a trading platform that aims to serve exchanges directly by offering users optimal experience with advanced trading modes, excellent customer service, clear policies and fully audited security standards. And Bcnex provides solutions by building blockchain technology using best practices from developing high-performance web applications and experienced developers from the financial sector. It aims to provide maximum results and according to user needs. and supported by using this automatic scaling technology will result in transactions that are fast and safe of course.


Giving more trust and positive values to the community about it and to provide more knowledge to the community about how important this Bexnex Platform is for the community economy, especially for the Vietnamese community. And the evidence provides the public and the government for the official team of Bcnex’s hard work, that the company aims to improve the country’s level and the country’s economy.


Because of the community’s increasing need for platforms that have high innovation, Bcnex is here to provide solutions and solutions about what the community needs. With the standard ERC233 Token, Bcnex is released on Ethereum Blockhain and trading platforms. Apart from the function to trade on one platform, Bcnex can also be used as a payment instrument and as a transaction tool to purchase other tokens. This is the advantage of the Bcnex Token, and of course it all depends on the user of the Bcnex token, whether in exchange for the Bcnex Platform only or as a tool for foreign trade transactions. If you are interested in having a Bcnex token, please go to the official site and participate in PreSale which is currently underway.

•Benefits For Token Holders :


Bcnex is a genuine company from Vietnam, which uses a wallet cryptocurrency technology security system and prioritizes the security of its users. Bcnex is equipped with multi languages, which aims to provide easy access for other users who are not from Vietnam. Because Bcnex is a trading platform that is developing very fast, users of course from Bcnex themselves will come from all the many countries in the world. So that it will be easy to understand about Bcnex through this multi-lingual assistance for all Bcnex communities in general.


Only through the Kyc process, users and investors can process transactions as they wish. Because with the low costs offered, it would be very brave to invest a large amount in this project. But for investors who want to invest their capital in this project, they must immediately participate in PreSale or PublicSale which is currently still running. Bcnex is a future platform and has been registered in Singapore. Are you hesitant to invest in this Platform ?? Dispose of your doubts, and register yourself quickly with rubber investors to join this Bcnex community.


Based on high technology, Bcnex has been able to become an international platform, and its users have included between countries in the world. Because the Bcnex community is a measure, various types of exchange rates will come. And this will be very beneficial for the government. Why is that?? Because of the various types of exchange rates that exist, it will generate taxes for the government. Also from many investors who invest, they will also be subject to investment tax on all of them. So that the community’s economy will increase, because of the increase in government revenue from taxes received.

•Feature :


By using a technology system and professional team architectural support, Bcnex uses the Google Authentication / SMS-2FA system and the KYC [Know Your Customer] process first, it aims to provide security for user assets so that other users don’t easily hack them. The Bcnex platform is built using the microser service architecture, aiming to protect the security of users when conducting trade transactions. Therefore, it must go through the KYC process first, the user or Investor can make the next trade transaction. So, if you want to trade the Bcnex Platform, complete this KYC process first for safety and comfort when you trade.

[Customer Oriented]

Get the Geography Authenticator application, which you can download with the aim of providing comfort and safety when you transact. You can use this application via desktop or cellular, to provide a new experience when you trade without hesitation.

[Machine-level Trading]

With 2,000,000 seconds service, Bcnex can operate quickly. This is how fast, accurate, and low latency works. Because Bcnex is a trading platform with extraordinarily sophisticated technology, Bcnex aims to provide the best service for its users in the community.

[High liquidity]

Bcnex workers and serve user requests quickly, and Bcnex provides options for users to be able to choose which tokens you will buy / capital for your investment. And Bcnex is also a trading platform that works without intermediaries. This aims to avoid the costs that will be incurred by the user. Because all of this was created to provide comfort to its users.

[Different markets]

Bcnex is the standard ERC223 token, which is very easy to use. Payments will be made on the [redeem] platform and Bcnex will know and can choose tokens that are good for users. Because the purpose of choosing this token is to provide a high sale value when sold later. And Bcnex does this by following current cryptocurrency prices.

• Token Details

Token Name : BCNX

Token type : ERC223

Tokens Price : $ 0.15 – $ 0.45

Total Supply : 200,000,000

Soft Cap : $ 2,000,000

Hard Cap : $ 15,000,000

Minimum investment : $ 100

Minimum Investors (Angel Investors) : $ 5000

Received Currency : BTC, ETH, BCN, USDT.

And unsold tokens will burn.

• Token Distribution


• RoadMap


• Team


• Advisors


• Partners


All right..Dear our beloved friends of Bcnex, up here explaination about this project from me..

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