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The electronic money market has experienced many surges lately with the current total market value of around 206.82 billion dollars. Bitcoin, the first electronic currency, dominated at 53.34% compared to other electronic currencies. Investment in electronic money has witnessed a significant increase in high profits. At present, there are around 13367 markets operating in electronic money and many exchanges continue to flood the market without adequate regulation of participant digital asset security, resulting in losses due to unauthorized access and theft. Furthermore, incidents like Mt. Gox hacking and Bitfinex hacking are no longer news because most of us know it.


Along with the development of blockchain technology, new platforms are also developing. One of them is a stock exchange where you can trade your crypto money. There are now thousands of stock markets in the world. This stock exchange is decentralized and broken down into a central stock exchange. Decentralized stock markets a system where all data is not stored in one storage, where user information is locked into blocks with smart contracts.

Related to problems with Exchanges that exist:

Electronic money exchange has two types; decentralized and focused.

Decentralized exchanges are built on technology infrastructure that operates independently and does not require anyone to coordinate their activities.

The advantage is that traders can trade without worrying about the security of their money. Traders who control and store their own digital assets in their own wallets when exchanging do not have direct access to them. Another advantage is very low transaction costs. Examples of decentralized exchanges are IDEX, Dex Waves, Forkdelta, etc.

With the advantages of decentralization mentioned above, it should be noted that it also presents itself, in terms of liquidity, flexibility and the right speed.

Centralized exchange is the direct opposite of distributed exchanges with merchant money stored in the exchange exchange archive received in the form of deposits. Although centralization of exchange has the advantage of providing the right liquidity, flexibility and speed, it also places the user’s assets at risk.

BCNEX is a place to trade and exchange the value of innovative start-up projects based on Blockchain technology. Bcnex spends a lot of time researching and building a very stable distributed application system to meet the most important customer needs.


Compare current exchanges with Bcnex:

Current trading floor

  • Weak technical architecture
  • Unsafe trading platform
  • Low market liquidity
  • Poor quality customer service

Bcnex trading floor

  • High-tech architecture
  • Safe trading platform
  • Good liquidity
  • Good customer care services

Therefore, the Bcnex trading floor was born, Bcnex is a trade developed to provide the best trading platform, safe, and the most attentive user support.

Bcnex always regards customer service as the core of success, all Bcnex staff and teams share experiences in supporting and answering to help each other problems and more. This is the 24/7 time to serve

BCNX Token

BCNX is the ERC223 standard token released on the Ethereum blockchain platform, so BCNX improves security, increases misplaced tokens, and brings more practical benefits to users in the ecosystem.

Info token

Token BCNX
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC223
PreICO price 1 BCNX = 0.1 USD
Price in ICO. 1500 USD
Tokens for sale 100,000,000

Investment info
Min. investment 100 USD
Accepting ETH, BTC, USDT, BCN
Distributed in ICO 50%

Soft cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD
Raised $ 1,000,000


● Q1 2017 – Market research. Blockchain trading platform conceptualization.
● Q2 2017 – Talent and key personnel recruitment.
● Q3-Q4 2017 – System design architecture, finalize basic functions of the platform.
● Q1-Q2 2018 – Continue to upgrade the system, develop the Bcnex trading engine.
● Q3 2018 – Conduct legal formalities and finalize the whitepaper.
● Q4 2018 – Angel Funding Round.
● Q1 2019 – Legal and marketing plan for Bcnex tokens sale events.
● Q2-Q3 2019 – Token sale launch event. Bcnex trading platform officially goes live.
● Q4 2019 – The initial development idea of the Lexus startup ecosystem.
● Q1 2020 – Experiment and proceed to introduce margin trading.
● Q2 2020 – To be announced.



Advisory Board and Investors


Partner of BCNEX


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