Blockchain technology offers opportunities for more advanced and improved innovative technologies and projects to emerge significantly, facilitating the solution to various problems affecting the general public. Cryptocurrency which is a major product of blockchain technology has improved the financial sector by allowing unhindered transactions across borders, eliminating the need for intermediaries while also facilitating the growth of steady investment amd profits. This is also made possible through the assistance of cryptocurrency exchanges which are open ecosystem that are used in trading cryptocurrencies in pairs, hence eliminates the traditional centralized banking features and it’s faults while promoting the cryptocurrency community to elevated levels.

Although, the existing cryptocurrency exchanges have been positive in their approach, they are pestered by problems such as lack of transparency, price manipulation etc which affects their clients and adoption of cryptocurrencies globally. Thankfully, there is a new cryptocurrency exchange known as BCNEX that is here to mitigate investment risks and give out valuable services to clients and is completely safe to trade your digital financial assets.

Firstly, you might be wondering what is Bcnex about? To answer that question, Bcnex is a digital exchange based in Vietnam, established in early 2017 by the current CEO and Blockchain Expert named Ngo Hoang Quyen. The trading platform allows the trading of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc in pairs while also providing information to assist any user make a profitable investment and as well obtain up-to-date information about Altcoins from the globe. So why waste your time trading on other cryptocurrency exchanges when Bcnex is here to provide much needed solutions that is rarely found on other exchanges.

The Bcnex platform security features is properly built by experienced team members who have made the efforts to ensure that the security of clients digital assets on the platform is completely secured. Currently, many trading platforms boast of their security systems but have proven to be incapable in keeping to their promises due to inexperienced technical teams and many exchanges have fallen victims to hacks, malicious malware attacks etc. The Bcnex’s team has rigorously worked on the platform security system, therefore built it with KYC (Know your customer) protocol, 2FA Authentication, Google or SMS Authentication, top notch penetration assessment to prevent hacks etc. Therefore Users digital assets and information security are of utmost importance to Bcnex. In relation to this Bcnex features, Bcnex structure is designed with powerful Microsoft service that is actively used by thousands of bots placing hundreds of orders per second thereby improving the platform’s scalability, efficiency, processing and speed significantly, differentiating it from other platforms.

Bcnex customer support is another vital factor of the platform. Bcnex customer service team are made up of professional qualified individuals who are always ready to respond and assist any clients or trader. The Bcnex platform is developed to actively offer a flexible ecosystem that provides customer aimed friendly user experience throughout it’s operations.

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Bcnex offers beautiful opportunity for investors to become engaged in the ongoing project by releasing their token named BCNX. The token is of standard ERC223 and it is built on the Ethereum blockchain.


Token name : BCNX Token

Symbol : BCNX

Platform: Ethereum

Type : ERC223

Total Suppy: 200,000,000

Public Sale : 100,000,000

Token price: 0.1 to 0.45 USD

Softcap: 2,000,000 USD

Hardcap: 15.000, 000USD

Accepted Currencies : ETH, BTC, USDT, BCNX

Additional Tokens : NO



– Q1

2017 – Market research. Blockchain trading platform conceptualization.

– Q2

2017 – Talent and key personnel recruitment.

– Q3-Q4

2017 – System design architecture, finalize basic functions of the platform.

– Q1-Q2

2018 – Continue to upgrade the system, develop the Bcnex trading engine.

– Q3

2018 – Conduct legal formalities and finalize the whitepaper.

– Q4

2018 – Angel Funding Round.

– Q1

2019 – Legal and marketing plan for Bcnex tokens sale events.

– Q2-Q3

2019 – Token sale launch event. Bcnex trading platform officially goes live.

– Q4

2019 – The initial development idea of the Lexus startup ecosystem.

– Q1

2020 – Experiment and proceed to introduce margin trading.


2020 – To be announced.



Bcnex ‘s platform possess features that will definitely revolutionize the whole world of cryptocurrency, standing out as a positive role model for other cryptocurrency trading platforms to learn from and become more improved in their various operations.

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