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Cryptocurrencies are basically the same as e-money — like WebMoney or PayPal. That means they also have the same problems as classic e-payment systems.

However, the operating principles specific to cryptocurrencies sometimes make the problems more likely to occur, and thus more disturbing. In addition, the same principles are responsible for a certain number of risks unique to cryptocurrencies.

According to Hacked, an estimated 10 to 20 percent of all Bitcoin in existence is held by criminals.

While cryptocurrency was initially hailed as the next big thing in money, a savior for folks who just lost everything in steep recession (but watched as the banks that screwed them over walked away unscathed), a hack in 2011 showed how insecure and easily stolen cryptocurrency could be. Soon, the criminal-minded rushed in, looking to take advantage of the cheap, fast, permission-less, and anonymous nature of cryptocurrency exchange. Over the last nine years, millions of Bitcoin, worth billions of dollars, have been stolen, not leaving the crypto exchange giant behind (BINANCE)—some events so major that they drove people to suicide.


BCNEX is a new emerging cryptocurrency exchange with sophisticated technology that will help protect cryptocurrency traders using the platform from cybertheft, User-Friendly Platform, 24/7 dedicated multilingual support, and Fast Transaction Confirmation with Speed of Light ( withdrawal).


BCNEX is a dynamic and realistic ultimate cryptocurrency trading platform, is Vietnam’s first legally compliant exchange aimed at putting an end to a lot of issues relating to the illegal structure of crypto payments services. It is a first-ever fully legally compliant for cryptocurrencies and fiat currency exchange, with its own native crypto coin known as BCNX.

BCNEX is a crypto trading marketplace designed primarily for cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts, to trade crypto-coins, crypto-tokens, and wide varieties of digital assets. The platform is based on microservice design/architecture to meet the most stringent necessities of its clients.


Safety and Stability

One of the primary factors that determine a good reputable exchange is the ability of the exchange providers to be able to provide maximum security of funds for its users.

For this aspect, the Bcnex technical team are technically oriented in terms of data/fund security. To ensure maximum security, Bcnex will be deploying system security across multiple layers, such as Anti-Doss tools, robust firewalls, and multiple users alert, including 2FA Authentication, SMS verification, and Email verification, etc.

Customer Oriented

To give users flexible trading experience, the bcnex trading platform is built with a user-friendly mechanism that allows users of platform around the platform why doing its normal trading activities

BCNEX Order Matching System

BCNEX offers quick, exact and low latency trading engine with adaptable adaptability, it can deal with up to 2,000,000 requests for each second.



BCNEX trading platform is working already! click here the platform currently supports four (4) trading pairs, of which includes BTC, ETH, USDT, and BCNX. BCNX is the token that power the BCNEX platform. To get more detail on BCNEX, please visit any of the official links bellow.

To find out more about BCNEX can visit the link below:

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