BCNEX: The Best Bet of all Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The crucial role and functions of cryptocurrency exchanges in the blockchain industry cannot be over-emphasized as these platform provides the medium of liquidity for most blockchain projects.

Just as we all know that the idea behind the creation of cryptocurrency by Satoshi is to make payment system simple and transparent enough for everyone without the involvement or control of funds by any centralized third party, it’s unfortunate that cryptocurrency users are being faced with the challenges of getting a standard platform for trading their assets and as such this have been a form of discouragement to them.

Of all the challenges been faced by cryptocurrency traders on exchanges are the few listed below;

  • Problem of delayed deposit and withdrawals
  • Stressful and tedious KYC process
  • Extremely high transaction and withdrawal fees
  • Complex user interface
  • Lack of good customer support system and
  • Lack of transparency in platform’s operation.
    We can all see obviously that without getting rid of these lingering issues, then we traders cannot get a suitable platform for their trading activities.
    It’s in lieu of this that BCNEX has taken it upon itself as a mandate to provide a suitable and exceptional exchange platform for all traders.


This is a blockchain based exchange platform designed in a highly secured, customer-centric and stable way to met up with traders demand and provide a perfect and convenient platform for trading of wide range of digital assets.

This exchange platform is fast, accurate, and can handle up to 2,000,000 orders per seconds. Highlighted below are the other salient features of the great exchange platform;

  • Multi-layer security measures which ensures safety of users funds including robust firewalls, multiple users alerts and anti-DoS tools.
  • Excellent customer support system
  • Excellent and user-friendly interface
  • Anonymous automatic order matching mechanism among others
  • Availability of exchange on both PC and mobile apps
  • Partnership with competent partners which ensures excellent liquidity
  • Multiple language support
  • Highly scalable system built on micro-services architecture
  • Multi-layer security measures which ensures safety of users funds including robust firewalls, multiple users alerts and anti-DoS tools.

In order to prevent security mishaps that happens on most other exchange platforms, Bcnex has come up with an excellent solution which is comprised of hot wallet, cold wallet and a secure hardware which has operational structures similar to those applied by banks and ISP providers and also enhanced 2FA locks. With all of these in place, then users need not fear of fund loss as the platform security is top class.

Transaction pairs on the platform shall be with the major coins such as BTC, ETH, USDT and BCNX.

Token Properties

Token name: BCNX token
Token Symbol: BCNX
Token Price: $0.15 – 0.45
Soft Cap: $2,000,000
Total Supply: 200,000,000
Token Type: ERC-223
Hard Cap: $15,000,000

BCNEX has several usecases such as trading, payment of transaction fees, earning of incentives up to 75% for all BCNX holders and also, the team has planned a quarterly buy-back and burn program for BCNX till 50% of the total supply has been burnt.


With the new standard being set up by BCNEX exchange, cryptocurrency traders are just about to experience a positive change in digital assets trading which doesn’t just ensure the safety of their funds, but also an improved trading experience which makes the exchange stand out among its several counterparts.

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