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Dear, readers. How are you all ?? Last week, in previous article, i has explained a little about this project, and this time I will also continue a little about this project. That is the name Bcnex Exchange Platform. And as usually,before I continue this discussion, allow me to tell you about the world of cryptocurrency that is increasingly rapid and highly developed to this time. But as we know that a nature of cryptocurrency is fluactive, so i hoped if that you want to this field explore, you will always keep abreast of developments so that we will know about the crypto world journey. The beginning of Bitcoin was created because of public increasing need for the importance of modern investment in future, namely through this cryptocurrency. The development of Bitcoin has given to many projects birth in the cryptocurency sector that support a goal cryptocurrency’s global. Among them is Bcnex which is a trading platform that is of international standard, of course. And this platform will have good prospects in the future. Are you interested to find out about this project in more detail … Right if like that.
I will continue this discussion …

Bcnex are Trading platform that uses blockhain and fintech technology. Because Fintech will have an influence on society at large by providing access to financial products so that transactions become more practical and effective. By using this technology ,Bcnex will always support in terms of funding or in promoting new innovative projects in particular. And it is the goal of Bcnex, which will be a start up for new projects that are developing in order to have bright prospects in the future. But besides that, the aim of Bcnex is to make this innovation ecosystem incorporated in one unit under the Bcnex Platform. And Bcnex is a trading platform that is supported by a team of high enthusiastic for the purpose of improving and developing a platform to be more advanced in the future.

With the ERC20 standard Token, this Token can be used to fulfill all your trading needs. How did it happen ?? Because these tokens have various functions. And it all depends on the needs of each user, of course. And of course by having this token, you will find it easier to make transactions, both for purchase transactions and for sales transactions. By using the Ethereum wallet platform, it will provide easy access to all users.
BCNX – ETH Session will start in less than 48 hours
1. Avaiable for sale: 15,000,000 BCNX
2. Accepted currencies: ETH
3. Exchange rate: 1 BCNX ≈ $0.15 – $0.25 USD
4. Start time: 2019, May 03, 09:30:00 (GMT +7)
5. End time: 2019, June 27, 14:00:00 (GMT +7)

Be the first customer to experience an amazing experience with the Bcnex Platform. Because supported by a professional team, BCNEX will be able to provide the best service to every user who comes and joins to the community and becomes a big part of these crypto lovers.

By using the most sophisticated system at this time, Bcnex is able to provide a sense of security to its users in protecting every asset they have. And one of them is to use the KYC system first. This serves to avoid misuse of the existence of irresponsible parties. Then after a user is required to complete KYC, so, a user is required to have Geogle Authentication / SMS-2FA which aims to detect whether this account belongs is you mine or not. Because only real users can find out the code issued by Google Authentication / SMS-2FA. This is all to avoid cheating on other users. Besides that, Bcnex uses the microser service architecture, which aims to provide protection and security for every user in conducting trade transactions. What do you think about a of all this service?

It is very easy to transact on the Bcnex Platform, because transactions can be done using a mobile phone or by using a desktop, anytime and anywhere. There is no limit in making transactions, because each user has the right and the same access to this platform. And of course the right to also get new experiences in extraordinary trade with this chosen platform. This is a purpose and service offered by Bcnex in general.

With By using high technology, Bcnex is able to operate and complete orders of 2,000,000 per second, and this is an achievement achieved by this Platform, and also as a form of service in an effort to meet the needs of its users. Because as an international based platform, Bcnex is able to work and provide services professionally for the advancement of the Platform in a future.

Bcnex is a highly developed platform at this time and certainly will provide new hope for the development of a current crypto world. All of this,inseparable from a ability of this platform to fulfill all obligations for users or investors in financial terms. All that is inseparable from the system used to give high trust to its users.

With the emergence of new ideas can not be separated from the ability of innovators to design strategies through this Bcnex platform. Therefore, more and more people are participating in the Platform, all users are interested in this Platform because of a new innovations offered so as to provide added value to a community. Besides that, through this platform, all kinds of services can be easily reached, because this is a internationally platform based and many users come from various regions in the world. And besides that, bcnex uses cryptocurrency wallet technology, this will give users a sense of security when conducting trade transactions.

with the multi-language service provided by the Bcnex platform, this will greatly help users, especially those who are members of the ecosystem. because bcnex is an international-based platform, and of course users also come from various countries in the world. this is very helpful and beneficial for the community. because through this service they can find out in detail and complete about this project
Investors will benefit greatly by joining this platform. Because this platform has good prospects in a future. And investors can make a major contribution to Bcnex, by agreeing to the ICO or at the Presale event is ongoing. Please register yourself by participating in all the programs that are held.

Bcnex is an international based platform, so users come from various countries. And of course, with so many different currency exchanges, this would be very beneficial for the government. Why so? Because of this exchange will be subject to an exchange tax for each transaction made, and the tax will be deposited to government for to community’s economy improve to be more better.

•Token Name : BCNX
•Token Type : ERC223
•Token Price : $0.15-$0.45
•Total Supply : 200,000,000
•Soft Cap : $2,000,000
•Hard Cap : $15,000,000
•Minimum Investment : $100
•Minimum Investmant (Angel Investors) : $5000
•Accepted Currencies : BTC, ETH, BCN, USDT.
And Unsold Token Will be burning.


•Q1 2017
-Market research
-Blockchain trading platform conceptualization

•Q2 2017
-Talent and key personnel recruitment

•Q3 – Q4 2017
-Design system architecture, finalize basic functions of the platform

•Q1 – Q2 2018
-Continue to upgrade the system, develop the Bcnex trading engine

•Q3 2018
-Conduct legal formalities and finalize whitepaper

•Q4 2018
-Angel Funding Round

•Q1 2019
-Legal and marketing plan for Bcnex token sale event

•Q2 – Q3 2019
-Token sale event launch.
-Bcnex trading platform officially goes live

•Q4 2019
-Develop the initial idea of Bcnex startup ecosystem

•Q1 2020
-Experiment and proceed to introduce margin trading

•Q2 2020
-To be announced

•Q3 – Q4 2020
-To be announced


•Ngo Huang Quyen,CO-Founder CEO
•Vo Tuann Anh,CO-Founder CFO
•Pham Van Phuong,CO-Founder&CTO
•Nguyen Hoang Lien Son,Product Desaigner
•Nguyen Dhinh Huan,Product Desaigner
•Nguyen Quang thrung,Front-end lead
•Nguyen Minh Huang,Back end lead
•Ho Van Hien,Senior Developer


•TRAN QUANG XUYEN,Angel Investor

•NGUYEN ANH DUNG,Angel Investor

•HA QUOC CUONG,Angel Investor

All right… up here for an explanation about this project from me…And I hope you like it to reading..thank’s

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