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Nowadays , the cryptocurrency market is filled up with new projects and ideas. Each of it is being implemented to simplify lives of millions of people. Unfortunately, not all existing projects are effective, understandable and user-friendly. Of course, in practice, faced with an inefficient platform, the potential consumer is moving away from innovation, causing emergence of even more distrust. Similar situation applies to many platforms. According to the current situation, developers of Bcnex Exchange have set a goal – to improve the process of exchange operations. Thanks to competent approach, the most comfortable working conditions will be created for users. Bcnex platform has been designed for mass trading.The Platform will offer a full-fledged solution to cryptourrency exchange.We will discuss more about this Project below:

About Bcnex Platform:

Bcnex is more than just another Cryptocurrency exchange out there . I say this categorically because of their distinctive features . It’s simply the next generation ecosystem for the digital age designed for the mainstream adoption of Cryptocurrency . Bcnex framework offers seamless integration between watching technology and traditional exchanges solving existing problems of the current digital asset sectors to maximize traders profit and market liquidity. Bcnex developers has come up with a solution after having studied the loopholes and the general shortcoming of the Cryptocurrency exchanges out there ranging from insecurity, high transaction fees, slow transactions, trade volume manipulations and more. Bcnex Platform has emerged to resolve all these common problem in other to ensure trade convince for the users and thereby ensuring mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. Their major goal is to make cryptocurrency trading accessible and reliable for everyone.


(1) SAFETY AND STABILITY : Users Security is the utmost priority in BCNEX Platform , Bcnex is a very secured and stable trading platform in which users funds are secured.

(2) CUSTOMERS ORIENTED :Users are provided with simple user interface platform to simplify trading and enjoy their trading experience , they have both desktop an mobile application

(3) Institutional-grade Trading Engine :The fast, accurate and low latency trading engine with flexible scalability can handle up to 2,000,000 orders per second

(4) High liquidity Platform : Unlike some other platform that have low liquidity where trading execution takes forever, Bcnx ensures every transaction is executed smoothly without any delay

(5) Diverse Market: In addition to supporting a wide range of mainstream cryptocurrencies, we constantly expand our offering with other quality tokens

(6) 24/7 Dedicated Support service with Multi languages

(7) ERC223 Standard: BCNX is developed in accordance with the ERC223 standard to improve security, minimize token loss and bring more practical benefits to users in the Bcnex ecosystem.

(8) Bcnex Coin Burn: Limiting the total supply of BCNX by burning tokens is the basis of Bcnex’s business model. This will help BCNX’s value overtake other tokens on the crypto trading market.

(9) ICO platfrom: Bcnex also supports business in fundraising successfully through the release of ICO/STO from private sales, angel funding rounds or any other sales sales that businesses want and custom themselves.

BCNX Token:

Bcnex works with the original token named BCNX. There will be exactly 200,000,000 (two hundred million) BCNX issued and the number will never increase. BCNX is the standard token ERC223 released on the Ethereum blockchain.


Token will be distributed as follows:

50%: Semi-public Token

38% The founding and advisory team

5%: Angel investors

2%: Bonus

5%: Reserve Token



Conclusion :

From the aforementioned, its obvious Bcnex Team have countless solution to ensure users and investors profitability , security and convinience. They have team of expertise with decade of experience in Blockchain,trading and cryptocurrency field . Its certain they will take this Platform to the highest standard. Fore further inquires to refer to the official links below :




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