Bcnex, The Decentralized Full-Service Ecosystem In Purchasing, Trading, And Exchanging Cryptocurrenc

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Bcnex is a full-service ecosystem aimed at purchasing, trading and exchanging blockchain based tokens and other digital assets. This platform is user-centered, very safe, and stable for trading use. Bcnex is built with a strong architecture so that it can meet customer specifications.
This is complemented by an optimal asset storage model by combining hot wallets, cold wallets, secure hardware whose architecture is the same as that of banks, ISP providers, and the governments of developed countries. Digital asset security is guaranteed to be safe even if the system is compromised and platform liquidity still needs to be reassured.
When compared with other platforms, Bcnex is the fastest, most accurate and low latency platform. Flexible scalability that can be handled can reach more than 2,000,000 orders per second. This platform operates own native cryptocurrency hits, the BCNX Token. At the first time, this token was built on Ethereum then moved to Crytonote. Because, this token will be used for trade, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, cover transaction fees, and receive incentives above 75%.
Bcnex is built on user center because there are cold hands of reliable developers and expert traders working. They are experienced in automatic distribution, designing applications that are high performance while user-friendly, and provide financial market facilities. With a team that is reliable and experienced for many years in the cryptocurrencies community, then Bcnex is worth juxtaposing in the ranks of great blockchain-based exchanges.


1. A stable system built on microservices architecture
Bcnex has architecture services added to physical servers to handle the flood of traffic transactions on Bcnex. Because the speed of user access is the focus of Bcnex.
2. Optimal wallet solution
There are many users who store a large number of their cryptocurrencies in exchanges. Actually, this is not safe if the system exchanges are not coated with strong security. Therefore, Bcnex will provide solutions to you. The solution is a combination of hot wallet, cold wallet, and secure hardware. 98% of digital assets on Bcnex will be stored in a cold wallet. This wallet is separate from the internet network and safe from attacks by criminals and viruses. Meanwhile, the rest will be stored in the hot wallet as money to pay for withdrawals and other transactions.
3. Many new features
Bcnex always wants to be an application that has high-performance for its users. Therefore, there will be many new features that spoil you, such as spot transactions, margin trading, 100% anonymous automatic order matching mechanism, and many more features.
4. Many coins/tokens are supported
As a platform that aims to reach everyone in the world, Bcnex serves various users of coins or tokens. Some of the coins or tokens received at Bcnex are BTC, ETH, USDT, and of course BCNX Tokens.
New coins and tokens will be added in the future. Of course, after coins and tokens pass the feasibility test of quality, consistency, and liquidity. Not only does it support coins and tokens, then Bcnex will develop exchange fiat currencies, such as USD, CHF, RMB, JPY, KRW, and VND.


The following is a detailed explanation of BCNX Tokens:


Here is the great team behind Bcnex:


The following is the Bcnex roadmap:

Information About This ICO, You can Visit Link Below:


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